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Is Online Craps Worthless Compared to the Live Version?


Craps has been one of the most popular games in American casinos for over seven decades. It typically features the loudest and most boisterous tables in the casino.

This game also gives players a chance to influence results by rolling the dice. Craps is one of the few gambling games that includes an interactive element like this.

You can easily see why live craps is so popular. It’s exciting and actually allows you to do something physical.

However, the internet version doesn’t seem so thrilling on paper. Online craps doesn’t feature loud tables or the ability to roll dice.

So, is internet craps essentially worthless when compared to the land-based option? I’ll compare both versions and answer this question.

Why Is Live Craps so Great?

Craps has become really popular for multiple reasons. You can see the main benefits to playing real money craps below.

Camaraderie Among Players

The shooter, or person who rolls the dice, is playing directly against the house. Many gamblers like to bet with the shooter rather than with the casino.

This means that they make pass line wagers on the come-out roll and come bets once a point number is established. Gamblers who place the same types of wagers create a team-like feeling.

Of course, nothing is stopping one from going against the shooter with a don’t pass line or don’t come bet. However, those who make these wagers are said to be on the “dark side.”

Exciting Atmosphere

The camaraderie among players bleeds into the next great thing about craps. It features an exciting atmosphere thanks to most gamblers placing the same wagers.

The majority of the table cheers together following wins and shooter hot streaks. Meanwhile, they console each other when the shooter goes cold.

Win or lose, the craps table is always an exciting place. It sometimes draws players through its loud and noisy atmosphere alone.

Rolling the Dice

Almost every form of gambling is a thinking game. You make decisions, place bets, and hope that luck goes in your favor.

Craps is unique, though, in that it actually allows you to do something physical. You get to roll the dice when it’s your turn to be the shooter.

Of course, craps is designed to be a completely random game. You need to toss the dice down the table and try to hit the wall on the other side.

Even still, you’ll find it fun to roll the bones in hopes of producing desired combinations. You may even feel like you have some element of control over your rolls during a hot run.

High Odds Bets

This game offers an extremely unique wager called “odds.” The latter refers to a bet that you put behind a pass line or don’t pass line wager.

Odds bets don’t feature a house edge but rather pay at your true odds. Therefore, they’re the most attractive wagers in the casino.

Odds are listed as a multiple of your don’t pass line or pass line bet. If you place a $5 pass line wager with 3x odds, for example, you must risk $20 overall ($5 + $15).

Putting more money on the table can be nerve-racking. But the more of your wager that’s wrapped up in odds, the lower the house edge will go.

You can only find the highest odds, ranging from 10x to 20x, at land-based casinos. If you have the bankroll and want to maximize your chances of winning, then you definitely should seek out bigger odds.

Why Online Craps Doesn’t Compare to the Live Version

Internet craps is a nice little game to play when you can’t make it to the casino. However, it doesn’t quite measure up to the live game for the following reasons.

Nobody Else at the Table

The good news about online craps is that you get to be the shooter every time. The downside, though, is that you’re the all-time shooter because nobody else is at your table.

Playing craps at online casinos is a solitary affair that feels a bit lonely. You don’t have anybody to cheer with following big wins.

Maybe you don’t mind the solo aspect of the internet version. If you’re a social gambler, though, you definitely won’t find the online game quite as entertaining.

No Rolling

Internet craps takes away one of the best parts of craps: rolling the dice.

You do get to roll the dice in theory. After selecting “Roll,” you’ll see the cubes bounce across the table to determine the results.

Unfortunately, this little presentation doesn’t quite compare to holding the dice in your hands and rolling them down the table. It actually feels pretty lame in comparison.

Lower Odds Bets

Some online craps developers have included odds bets in their games. However, these odds aren’t quite what you’ll see in land-based casinos.

I’ve never personally played an internet version that features over 3x odds. This amount is the absolute minimum at brick and mortar establishments.

You might be perfectly fine with 2x or 3x odds, especially with a smaller bankroll. However, do you want to look towards the live scene if you want bigger odds and a stronger chance of winning.

Online Craps Does Have Some Benefits

My sole intention with this post isn’t just to rag on internet craps. As you’ll see below, it does offer a few features that make it worth considering.


One problem with live craps is that you actually need to visit a casino to play. This matter isn’t so much of a hassle when you have a casino just down the highway.

But it becomes problematic when you don’t live close to a gambling establishment. Sometimes, you might just want to sit back and enjoy the game without going anywhere.

Online craps is perfect for these times. You can play it through a smartphone or tablet and stuff the game back into your pocket when finished playing.

Nice Setup

Most developers do an excellent job with their craps games. They feature clean-looking tables with betting boxes that are clearly marked.

Their goal is to make the internet craps experience feel as authentic as possible. The majority of software providers do a good job at making this happen.

Low Minimum Bets

You don’t need to bet a fortune to play this game in land-based casinos. Most venues only require you to place a $5 minimum wager.

However, the online edition does even better than this. You typically only need to risk $1 per round to enjoy internet craps.

Of course, you can always bet more in hopes of earning bigger payouts. But you’ll truly appreciate the low wagers when dealing with a small bankroll.

Great Way to Learn the Game

Some gamblers give up any hope of playing craps immediately upon seeing the table layout. The latter features countless boxes and dozens of bets that create an intimidation factor.

If you’re interested in craps but intimidated by the table, then you should definitely visit an online casino. Most sites allow you to try their games for free.

You usually need to register for an account first. But the signup process only takes a few moments and will clear you to play free craps online.

Is Internet Craps a Worthy Substitute for the Real Deal?

Nothing can substitute for the live craps experience. The land-based game offers more excitement, camaraderie, and the ability to roll the dice.

I highly suggest that you play craps in a brick and mortar casino when possible. You’ll get the most enjoyment out of your sessions when playing live.

As mentioned before, though, you might not always be able to make it to the casino. This is definitely true when the closest gambling venue is hours away.

Chances are, you’re not going to drive for hours or fly every time you get the urge to play craps. In these cases, the online version serves as a nice fill-in.

You get to enjoy the same bets and even put odds behind your wagers online. You can also take advantage of the convenience of mobile gambling.

Internet craps will never be mistaken for the brick and mortar version. But it’s a decent game to play if you just want a quick session.


Online craps can’t take the place of playing live in a casino. The latter has too much going in its favor, including a more entertaining atmosphere, rolling the dice, and large odds wagers.

However, internet craps still has a place in the gaming world. It’s a nice option for when you want to enjoy craps without actually leaving the house or having to visit a land-based casino.

This version is also perfect for when you’re trying to learn the game. You can play free online craps to learn the basics so that you’re not intimidated in a brick-and-mortar setting.

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