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Football clubs will be able to enforce their current contracts with betting shops in Spain


“In October, gambling and betting advertising will be forbidden in Spain,” Alberto Garzón said. “The prohibition includes sponsorship agreements within the framework of sporting events.”

“Some football teams, in what we consider to be an unlawful act, are beginning to renew their sponsorship deals with betting shops for an additional two or three years. That is against the law, and they will have to abide by the new regulation.”

“As from October sponsorship agreements, con no longer be entered into with betting shops and homes will no longer be exposed to the large amount of gambling advertising we have seen in the last few years.”

When asked about the contracts that have already been signed, and whether football players will be able to use their current shirts this season or if once this new law becomes effective, they will have to use new ones, the minister said once the regulation comes into force, no new contracts can be signed, but a transition period must be established to enforce the existent agreements. But that period will be short, it won’t last two or three years as some football clubs would like.”

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