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Top Esports vs. Suning Gaming – 2020 LoL Worlds Semifinals Predictions


It’s the business end of the competition, boys and girls! With just three matches left, the 2020 League of Legends World Championship is nearing its end. Two semifinals and the grand finale – that’s all that’s left from this year’s Worlds… and our Top Esports vs. Suning predictions aim to shed light onto the second of two semifinals!

We’re looking at what’s guaranteed to be a chaotic LPL encounter. The third LPL seed Suning going up against the first LPL seed Top Esports. Mind you, though, TES and Suning have played three times this year, and the LPL champs have won all three head to head matchups.

Top Esports vs. Suning Predictions

As you’d expect from an event of this side, LoL Worlds 2020 betting opportunities are plentiful, and it’s on us to dig deep and see if there’s any value in this fixture.

Can Top Esports Go All the Way?

LPL and LCK champions are always the first figures in LoL Worlds’ title-winning discussions. Teams that end up as champions of LoL’s most frightening leagues deserve both recognition and respect. Both are still in the competition. DAMWON is up against G2 in the other semifinal match, while the LPL champion Top Esports has to square off against their regional nuisance, Suning.

We’re practically looking at the rerun of the LPL Summer semifinals. However, many things have changed since that 3:0 blowout. Top Esports are still the favorites, but there’s not that big of a difference anymore… and I’m not just talking about this match but the grand finals too.

Suning won’t be pushed around that easily, though! Huanfengand the boys mean business. I mean, their group stage clashes against the LEC champions showcased all their might… Their backs will be against the wall against TES, but only if they fail to set the tempo in the early game. If Karsa and the TES boys climb over the obstacle called Suning, they’ll have one hand on that glorious trophy, that’s for sure!

Is Suning Really That Good?

The real question is – how do we measure Suning’s worth? They were pretty consistent in this year’s LPL, but their losses against the big boys leave nothing to write home about. Their performance was good, but nothing too much out of the ordinary…

But, once the Worlds kicked off, Suning switched to the next gear and dominated the group stage. They defeated LEC champions two times and finally took down JDG, a team they always struggled against.


— SUNING GAMING (@suning_gaming) September 23, 2020

Considering their display against JDG, Suning could be the hottest team on the competition. Plus, the fact that Top Esports struggled against Fnatic in the quarterfinals could be of crucial importance for our Top Esports vs. Suning predictions. Both quarterfinal matches point slightly towards Suning, but we must be careful since Top Esports is always a tough cookie to crack. Sure, they had a couple of bad maps thus far on 2020 LoL Worlds, but they’re still the number one favorites to win it all…

Concrete Picks

The first questions we have to ask ourselves here is this – are we going to see a rerun of the LPL semifinals? Remember, Top Esports is the first LPL seed; Suning is the third! But, Suning already eliminated the second seed (JDG) in the quarterfinals… and trashed G2 around in the group stage. No one really knows how high Sunning’s potential is. If they perform at their best, we could see them square off against G2 in the grand finals… assuming Perkz leads his boys to victory against the LCK champs!

Top Esports’ lineup is absolutely scary and everyone had a blast during the group stage. However, that struggle against Fnatic in the quarterfinals took the team by surprise. They looked washed out, they looked fatigued… they looked like they hadn’t prepared anything against the LEC runners-up. Was that just a case of complacency, or is this Top Esports team not as tough as everything expects them to be.

Suning, on the other hand, didn’t just humiliate G2 in the group stage but trashed JDG around in the quarterfinals. Sure, it was much closer than the end result suggests, but still… 3:0 is a clean win no matter how chaotic the matches were.

Considering all that’s been said thus far, here’s what I have in store for you:

Pick: Suning Gaming

Odds: +150

$100 Could Win You…$250.00

Yep, +150 on Suning. Let’s bet on the underdogs once again and hope we see Suning and G2 battle it out in the grand finals! It would be a great opportunity for Perkz and the boys to avenge their group stage confrontations and finally put LEC on the pedestal. Two years LEC teams made it to the grand finals… If they go the length of the third, it’d be a real shame if it ends up 0 from 3.

LoL Worlds Betting FAQ

Where to Find LoL Betting Odds?

The best place to find LoL betting odds is online! If you haven’t been in this hobby for too long, our LoL betting websites guide ought to be of service. It has a list of several good bookies you can choose from, and packs useful information that’ll come in handy in the long run.

Is Betting on LoL Worlds Dangerous?

Doing stuff online is now more dangerous than ever before. Phishing emails, fake websites and all sorts of shady businesses are there to punish one second of your inattention. The same goes for online betting – if you’re using a shady website that doesn’t have legit licenses and security measures, your personal information might be at risk.

You obviously want to avoid this at all costs, and the easiest way is to opt for one of the bookies that are featured in our LoL betting sites guide. There’s a link to that piece just above this paragraph – make sure you check it out!

What are the Most Popular LoL Specials?

Even at this stage of the event, some bookies are offering outright winner betting odds. It’s absurd, come to think of it, since there are just three more matches to go… but hey, there’s plenty of competitive teams left and the grand finals could turn out to be anyone’s game… or a total blowout!

On top of that, there’s a bunch of in-game LoL specials readily available. We’re talking stuff like match duration over/under, team to take first blood, player-related bets, and similar. Other long-terms are available too. By that, I’m mostly referring to semifinal MVPs as well as grand finals MVPs.

Should I Bet on 2020 LoL Worlds?

Yes, you really should! No matter if you’re just starting out or you’re already a well-established esports betting enthusiast, LoL Worlds betting is an event you shouldn’t miss out on! It packs the biggest punch in the entirety of the LOL pro scene, and bookies love it for its high degree of competitiveness and top-notch stakes from start to finish. If you’re a fan of LoL esports and you’re looking to spice up your viewing experience, betting on LoL Worlds is a great choice! Odds are courtesy of Betway, and for users in the United States check out Bovada for odds.

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