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Cleopatra Slot Tournament from IGT


 October 25, 2020

Check out our review of the Cleopatra Slot Tournament from our friends at IGT! The next big hit in slot tourneys has arrived with their first-to-market Cleopatra Tournament solution. Available on a large variety of cabinets including portrait and dual screen.

The Cleopatra Tournament is loaded with interactive features and game play to appeal to a wide range of players. As the tournament progresses, choreographed sounds, features, and music continue to elevate the excitement.

Cleopatra Tournament combines the iconic Cleopatra game joins a growing library of IGT TournXtreme solutions such as their Incredibell! tourney. This solution is offered on the CrystalCurve and CrystalDual gaming machines.

The Cleopatra Tournament was debuted at the Global gaming Expo in 2019. You can read more about this slot tourney at IGT website.


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