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Suning vs. DAMWON Gaming – 2020 LoL World Betting Predictions


There’s one thing I should point out right off the bat – even though DAMWON is being labeled as the favorite, the grand final of 2020 LoL Worlds between Suning and DAMWON could go either way! It’s anyone’s match, and that’s exactly what makes it so damn special! Our Suning vs. DAMWON predictions are here, though, hoping to find good value in what’s bound to be a cracker of a contest!

This is what betting on LoL Worlds is all about! This is the end of the road, the biggest match of 2020! Are you guys ready for it? If you are, then let’s get down and dirty in our in-depth Suning vs. DAMWON predictions!

Suning vs. DAMWON Predictions

This is the match that’s bound to go down in history books no matter the final outcome. It’s not every year we see a clash between LoL’s two strongest regions. It’s not the matchup we all expected (that would be TE vs. DAMWON), but it’s the one we desperately needed. No matter which way it goes, I’m certain it’s going to be a real festival of competitive League of Legends!

Can Suning Go All the Way?

The term Cinderella story is being used too loosely… but I reckon it’s the perfect fit for Suning here. They’re not a bad team, but everyone they play against is labeled as one level above them. Yet they keep edging out against stronger teams… heck, they’re in the grand finals; doesn’t that mean they’re a strong team too?

How does Suning stack against DAMWON?

Well, it all depends on how they enter each map. Remember – we’re talking about the team that defeated the best of Europe in under twenty minutes. SofM and the boys mean business, and they’re making their presence known at every step of the way.

Can Suning go all the way or have they peaked against Top Esports in the semifinals? It’s difficult to say, really, especially after the way they stomped the reigning LPL champions. We’ve misjudged Suning’s ceiling once – we’ll make sure our Suning vs. DAMWON predictions don’t do the same thing again.

Bookies Believe in DAMWON

Yessir! The LCK champions are in the grand finals! We’re going to see an LPL vs. LCK clash which means we’re in for a proper spectacle! Obviously, DAMWON are the favorites, with odds on them to win the title ranging anywhere from -230 to -210. It’s not exactly a massive advantage, but it’s an advantage nevertheless.

[WORLDS 2020 Semifinals Set 4 VICTORY]

DWG is headed to WORLDS FINALS!! It was not an easy way up but we did it, and we will again.

Not only for ourselves but for all the LCK teams and fans, we will put our best in preparing for Finals. #LCK #WORLDS #DWG #DAMWONGaming #DWGWIN

— DWG_Official (@DamwonGaming) October 24, 2020

I still can’t get over the fact DAMWON beat G2! Our G2 vs. DAMWON picks were correct, the match went to the fourth map. No one expected a 3:0 blowout, that’s true… but I expected G2 to be on the winning end of that encounter.

But here we are – DAMWON are in the finals and they’ll be squaring off against the biggest surprise of the event! Can they confirm the favorite status and come out on top? Well…

I Don’t Think So

As the heading suggests – I don’t think they can! DAMWON are the favorites here, and rightly so. They came into this event as the runner-up in the overall favorites’ category, right after Top Esports. Their summer campaign was superb, their group stage showed off more of the same.

But, there’s something about the way Suning has been playing that makes me think they’re the very definition of 2020 LoL Worlds champions. They’re aggressive when needed, they have an excellent prize pool, and they don’t really care who’s on the other end of Summoner’s Rift.

Not only have they defeated both JDG and Top Esports without going to the extra length of the fifth map, but they’ve also strutted their stuff in the group stage. We’re talking about the team that defeated the LPL champions, LPL runners-up, and LEC champions (twice) – I reckon LCK champions are going to be the final scalp in their arsenal!

Should I Bet on League of Legends?

People bet on esports matches for various reasons. Some are in it for the thrills! Spicing up your evening with a small wager can make the experience that much more fun! Others want quick money; that’s all they care about! If you’re in the second group and you’re not that big on LoL esports, it’s best to walk away and come back when you’re passionate about the scene.

There’s nothing wrong with testing the waters, though! If you’re not sure what you’re looking for; whether it’s money or the thrill of the chase, spending a bit of money just to get a taste of LoL betting action is okay… as long as you can control yourself, of course!

Where to Find Good League of Legends Betting Odds?

Let’s keep this one nice and simple. To find good odds, refer to our guide for finding the best League of Legends betting sites! That, right there, is your ticket to long-term profit!

What’s the Best LoL Event to Bet On?

That would be the League of Legends World Championship! There’s no other way to put it – LoL Worlds is by far the grandest stage of competitive League of Legends. As such, it’s the most popular event to watch and bet on. Bookies experience the biggest demand during LoL Worlds too, which adds more fuel to the flame. By that, I’m referring to the depth of their coverage, which is usually much more diverse than it is during the regular season.

Remember guys – this Saturday, noon ET – the biggest esports clash of the year! League of Legends grand final between the third LPL seed and first LCK seed. Make sure you have your timers set; you don’t want to miss the action… especially if you follow through with our Suning vs. DAMWON predictions.

That said, It’s time to wrap everything up and prepare for the biggest esports spectacle of 2020.

Are you guys excited?

I sure am!

Suning vs. DAMWON Gaming Pick

No worries, fellas – allow me to further elaborate on why I’m going with the third LPL seed here!

For starters, Suning players seem to love being the underdogs. They’ve been in that position since the group stage… They defeated LEC champions G2 two times, but they were still the underdogs against JDG in the quarters. The same goes for their semifinal match against Top Esports… Playing against the team that’s favored to win the event is never easy, but SofM and the boys showed nothing but brilliant plays and impeccable executions.

All that combined with the fact there will be over 6,000 people watching the game live at the Pudong Football Stadium in Shanghai, most of whom will cheer for the LPL side, is why I’m going with Suning here.

As I’ve said in the introduction, this is a grand final match and it was always going to be a tight encounter. Nuances will decide the outcome here… but all of them seem to be pointing towards the third LPL seed.

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