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6 Sports Ranked From Easiest to Hardest to Bet On


Sports gambling is one of the most exciting forms of betting and is now one of the easier ways to bet. With various sports betting sites and daily fantasy leagues lining the internet, sports bettors have plenty of gamble opportunities. But not all sports are the same in terms of their degree of difficulty to bet on.

When deciding which sports to bet on, it’s essential to look at how the betting public typically fares. While that will provide a sound indication of which sports gamblers see the most success in betting, sports gambling is entirely subjective. What might work for one gambler may not work for another. Similarly, you might score consistent wins by betting on a particular sport and getting destroyed by betting on another sport.

Whatever your sport of choice is, there seems to be a consensus in the gambling world regarding which sports are worth betting on. Here are six sports ranked from easiest to most difficult to bet on for novice sports gamblers or gamblers looking to change things up.

1 ‒ Football

Football is currently the king of sports in the US, and it’s a popular sport to bet on for many gamblers. Not only is football one of the most watchable contemporary sports, but the potential for profitable betting is also high. While some people are under the impression that football is unpredictable, the opposite is more often true.

Big underdogs rarely beat powerhouses in the NFL, making it easier for sports gamblers to place winning bets. However, betting the heavy favorite moneylines, while safe, doesn’t necessarily lead to big wins. It’s worth mentioning that upsets occur in any other sports, but it’s easier to limit betting on these matchups than other sports.

Another factor that aids potential football bettors is the fact that the betting public loves to bet on the NFL. As it turns out, most gamblers aren’t great at betting, resulting in line movements that smart bettors can take advantage of.

2 ‒ Basketball

As it stands, the NBA is one of the most top-heavy leagues in the world of sports. It was a foregone conclusion that the Lakers, Clippers, and Bucks are significant players in the postseason coming into this season. Despite the stoppage in play during a season that’s been anything but ordinary, those three teams that stood above the rest before the season tipping off are still holding steady.

The age of super teams in the NBA makes it infinitely easier for gamblers to handicap basketball games. Even the most casual basketball fan should know which teams should win matchups on a nightly basis. While there is always the potential to face upset, similar to football, the NBA is arguably the most predictable sport to bet on.

Due to the simplicity of betting on the NBA, gamblers have an advantage in handpicking the bets with the most profit potential. Additionally, prop bets pose an interesting way for bettors to make some extra money on the side. With the wide variety of bets on the table, that gamblers can make based on data and analytics, basketball is a great starting point for gamblers trying to win money.

3 ‒ Combat Sports

The two most popular combat sports for sports bettors are boxing and mixed martial arts or MMA. Both of these provide gamblers with an excellent opportunity to make profitable bets. While both aren’t considered to be among the most popular sports, there is still plenty of information and reading around the internet to make informed, smart bets.

The beauty in betting on combat sports lies in its simplicity. There are only three possible results: fighter 1 wins, fighter 2 wins, or a draw. Gamblers can always bet on other factors like how a fight ends or the round a fight draws to a close. Betting on either of these sports is optimal for gamblers who commonly find themselves perplexed by the complicated nature of other sports leagues.

I prefer betting on MMA because I find the sport more exciting, and certain boxing matches are so one-sided that the risk and reward aren’t worth it. However, there is a copious amount of MMA wagers to bet on, meaning newer gamblers can always track results to make better wagers.

4 ‒ Tennis

Like other major sports, tennis is dominated by star power. The sport is incredibly top-heavy, with the likes of Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic, and Rafael Nadal dominating the sport for the last decade. There aren’t as many gambling opportunities when it comes to tennis due to the lack of tournaments in a calendar year.

The way to win money in tennis is somewhat less satisfying than winning in other sports, but it’s much more consistent and predictable. In the earlier rounds of most major tournaments, the more skilled players compete against lesser competition, with most matches being an easy win for the top dogs.

That means that if you drop several units on the more prominent stars in the early stages of a tournament, you should win money when tennis betting. However, the odds aren’t too favorable, of course, meaning your ROI most likely won’t be very high. But through consistent betting, your bankroll should increase over time.

5 ‒ Golf

Betting on golf is much less complicated than you would imagine. The PGA Tour runs nearly year-round, providing golf fans ample opportunity to bet on tournaments. There are several other tours to follow outside of the PGA, like the and LPGA Tour. Like betting on all other sports, it’s crucial to get into a good rhythm and notice trends amongst golfers.

When it comes to betting on golf, several factors can influence the likelihood of profitability for specific bets. When selecting potential bets, it’s essential to focus on the weather, the recent quality of play of golfers, injuries, and how golfers typically fare at courses.

The difficulty in betting on golf comes with the overall number of players in each tournament and avoiding falling into the narratives surrounding each.

Inexperienced gamblers tend to either bet on only one golfer, making it challenging to win bets or bet on too many golfers where returns would be minuscule. Make sure to always shop for the best odds and avoid picking the golfers you want to win.

6 ‒ Baseball

Coming in as the most complicated sport to bet on is baseball. While I love betting on America’s pastime, it’s known to be the most demanding sport to win money. Baseball, unlike other major sports, is by far the most unpredictable sport to gamble on. The 162-game season, combined with baseball players’ streakiness and the teams they play for, makes it challenging to figure out.

In most other sports, it’s somewhat apparent which team should win. If a powerhouse team in the NFL is facing a bottom feeder in an innocuous regular-season game, it stands to reason that the juggernaut will win. However, even if the best team in baseball has its ace on the mound against one of the worst teams in the league, it’s not a foregone conclusion they will win.

An elongated season can result in bad teams playing well for several weeks and good teams going on losing streaks. As a gambler, you have no idea when these streaks might occur or how long they will last. For sharp sports bettors, baseball can be profitable if you have the right betting system in place. Baseball has more high-level statistical analysis than any other sport. So, if you’re a fan of combing through statistics, baseball might be your best bet.


As I said in the introduction, the best sport to bet on is the one making you the most money. I find the most success in betting on baseball, whereas many experts consider baseball to be among the most challenging sports to bet on. Unfortunately for you, the only way to find out what works for you might be trial and error.

But there’s no reason to jump into sports gambling by betting every sport to see what wins and what loses. Most sports gamblers agree that betting on the NFL and NBA are great starting points for sports gamblers. Both basketball and football are somewhat predictable, and coming into the regular season, most gamblers have a good idea about which teams will end in a better position than others.

Other sports such as MMA, boxing, and tennis, while maybe not as high-profile as the NFL and NBA, are also somewhat easy to bet on. Combat sports, in particular, are great for beginners due to the simplicity of the sport. Whatever sport you choose, make sure to devote adequate time and resources to make informed, smart bets. Good luck with your wagers!

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