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Tips on Interacting With Casino Dealers (7 Things to Know)


Any competent gambler will tell you how important maintaining a positive relationship with a dealer is. While casino dealers don’t have a direct impact on a game’s outcome, their importance shouldn’t be undervalued.

Over the course of your time gambling, you’ll most likely interact with dealers more than any other type of casino employee. Because of this, there is an unspoken code of conduct you should try to abide by.

This set of rules is easy to follow but just as easy to ignore.

You should always try to maximize your time while gambling. One of the simplest ways to do that is to get off on the right foot with the dealer at your table.

Those new to gambling or those who’ve had negative experiences in the past: here are 7 tips on interacting with dealers.

1 ‒ Always Treat Them With Respect

You wouldn’t go into a restaurant and treat your waiter or waitress like trash, would you?

If you’re a half-decent person, it’s always important to treat service industry workers with kindness and respect. That’s especially true in times as challenging as these.

Casino employees aren’t that different from any type of service industry employee. The only thing separating dealers from the pack is the daily challenges they face.

Dealing cards can be a challenge for several reasons. Gambling involves a lot of emotions, especially when a lot of money is on the line.

Not only do dealers have to be on their A-game when it comes to dealing cards, they also have to manage some tough personalities.

Because of this, gamblers should make a point of being courteous when interacting with casino dealers. Their jobs can be somewhat stressful and being a decent patron can help ease some of that stress.

2 ‒ Never Talk Down to Any Dealer

If you gamble frequently, there’s a good chance you’ve witnessed some horror stories. It’s a certainty, especially if you gamble at a casino enough times.

These unfortunate experiences come in many different forms. Usually, they involve someone getting too intoxicated or a gambler who loses a ton of money.

On the rarest of occasions, significant losses will result in some gamblers shelling out blame on other players, and even dealers. For whatever reason, certain personality types find it appropriate to try to ruin everyone else’s night.

Look, no one likes losing money. It’s a terrible feeling and it makes sense to feel dejected after severe losses.

But, it’s important to remind yourself of a few things before you turn the blame around on others.

  • Remember: no one forced you to gamble in the first place
  • No one is expected to beat the house
  • Dealers and other players typically have no impact on your results
  • Choosing to respond with hostility can land in you hot water
  • Your main objective should be to enjoy yourself, which is hard to do if you’re angry

3 ‒ If Your Dealer’s Bad, Find Another

On the rarest of occasions, you may find yourself stuck with a dealer who isn’t great at their job.

These dealers might seem detached from the game or entirely out of it. Poor dealers often mess up the deal and can’t seem to pay you the right amount of winnings.

Even worse, some dealers might be antagonistic and rude to their customers. Whether it’s warranted or not, seeing a dealer be aggressive with gamblers can ruin an evening.

But this seldom happens. If it does, there are plenty of other tables to choose from.

You really never know what dealers are going through. Many work multiple jobs to make ends meet, which can lead to exhaustion from being overworked.

If you come across a dealer who is ruining your experience at the casino, consider cutting them a break and moving across the casino floor.

4 ‒ Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help

Being vulnerable while gambling can be a challenge for less experienced bettors. This is compounded by the fact that casinos are overwhelming if you don’t know what to expect.

So, if you sit down to play a game you’ve never played before, you might feel too much pride to ask for help.

Before I continue, I must advise against learning to play games when money’s on the line. There are too many resources available online to waste money on the learning process.

But, if you feel inclined to learn on the fly and expose yourself to a baptism by fire, more power to you.

When learning how to gamble, there’s no harm in admitting your inexperience to other gamblers and dealers.

If you’re playing a game like:

The dealers will typically gladly help you as you learn to play. Their motivation for doing so is simple: the more money you make, the more tips they should receive.

5 ‒ Try to Engage Them in Casual Conversation

As I said earlier, dealers should always be treated with respect. At the end of the day, they’re people like you and me, trying to get by and make some money.

I frequently see younger gamblers behaving poorly when interacting with dealers. Instead of treating them like people, they can be cold and stiff.

Instead of treating dealers like second-class citizens, you should try to strike up a conversation. Gambling is always more fun when everyone’s in a good mood. Engaging dealers is a simple, yet effective way to get everyone at the table to loosen up.

Most dealers are excellent conversationalists due to their past work experience. If they don’t have any interest in maintaining a dialogue, they’re professionals at letting you know, subtly and respectfully.

It’s important to note that dealers probably get asked the same types of questions daily.

6 ‒ Ask Before You Start Smoking

All the nonsmokers reading this know how obnoxious it can be to get second-hand smoke blown in your face. It’s not an earth-shattering experience if it happens once or twice. But with each puff of smoke your patience begins to decrease rapidly.

Smoking in casinos is a source of constant debate in the gambling community. Some argue that if a casino allows gamblers to smoke, then all bets are off.

Others contend that smokers should still be respectful of their surroundings and mindful of people in their general vicinity.

I’m not against smoking in casinos. If you’re not breaking any rules, you should be allowed to do what makes you happy and comfortable.

However, it’s always a good rule of thumb to ask your dealer if they mind people smoking at the table.

Most of the time, dealers will tell you that it’s not a problem. If it is, you can either choose to ignore them or go find somewhere else to gamble.

Dealers can’t prevent you from smoking in a casino. But, it’s still a matter of common courtesy.

7 ‒ Tip Generously

Of all the tips in this post, the most important one is this: always tip your dealers. Like other people in the service industry, dealers don’t make a great hourly wage.

Most dealers will tell you that they live off of their tips, just like waiters, waitresses, and bartenders.

Having said that, it’s crucial that you tip your dealers when you gamble.

Some gamblers will have different approaches to tipping.

Certain ones opt to tip 1 lump sum at the end of their gambling day. Others choose to tip progressively after each win.

Either method works, as long as dealers are getting rewarded for their work.

As I said earlier, dealers want you to win because they know that means they’ll make more money.

If you’re a new gambler who relies heavily on dealers’ advice, you should make a point to return the favor. Tipping is a classy and courteous thing to do.


Properly handling relationships with dealers isn’t a challenging proposition.

Yet, for one reason or another, many gamblers fail to do so.

A good dealer can be the difference between having a fantastic time gambling or a horrendous experience at the casino. It’s always advisable to do anything within your power to assure the former over the latter.

Make sure to treat dealers with respect and never, under any circumstance, talk down to them. Dealers don’t have any control over the cards they deal.

If you come across a dealer who is struggling to do their job, color up your chips and find another table.

New gamblers should never be scared to ask for assistance when making decisions at the table. Dealers want gamblers to win and are reliable sources of information when it comes to playing casino games.

Before lighting up a cigarette or cigar, consider making sure it’s okay with the dealer. It may seem unnecessary, but extending that common courtesy can go a long way.

Finally, and most importantly, always tip your dealers, regardless of the game you’re playing. Even if you’re having an off night at the tables, remind yourself that some dealers pay their rent with tips.

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