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Liquid vs. MAD Lions Predictions – BLAST Premier Fall Showdown Analysis


BLAST Premier Fall Showdown is underway, boys and girls! We’ve already seen six spectacular matches, two of which ended in proper three-map scares. We’re here for Liquid vs. MAD predictions, a fiery contest that’ll decide who goes up against MIBR in the next round. Anything can happen in tightly contested Bo3s, but we’re here to try and predict the final outcome!

Liquid vs. MAD Lions Predictions

Team Liquid is back in Europe, gentlemen! The boys in blue are back at it again, ready to trade blows with some of Europe’s finest. MAD Lions is their first European opponent. We’re talking about a scary Danish team that’s tactically superb, and have two excellent fraggers capable of deciding matches in a jiffy.

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The recent IEM XV Beijing heartbreak must’ve left a scar on eliGE and the boys… but I reckon they’ll come back stronger and expel their frustration on poor MAD. Let’s take a moment to talk about both teams’ recent campaigns and other stats before finalizing our Liquid vs. MAD predictions!

Recent Campaigns

Liquid hasn’t won a single event since April. That’s when they conquered ESL Pro League S11 NA after a massive 3:0 win against EG in the grand finals. Two grand final finishes in August, on ESL One Cologne and DreamHack Open Summer, are the best of what Liquid had to offer in 2020. Most recently, their ESL Pro League S12 NA and IEM XV New York campaigns were mediocre at best. The same can be said about their IEM XV Beijing debacle against Triumph…

Obviously, MAD Lions’ most notable accomplishment in 2020 is Flashpoint Season 1 title. Unfortunately, they just haven’t been the same team since Bubzkji’s departure. HooXi and refrezh haven’t been all that bad, especially the latter… but it’s still way too early to discuss their overall contribution to the team.

Individual Stats

AcoR and refrezh are leading the charge from MAD Lions’ end. They’re the top fraggers in this MAD roster and will be a real threat to Team Liquid tomorrow. HooXi is nearing the exit door with one bad performance after another.

EliGE is still the most consistent player for Team Liquid. NAF and Grim are starting to build up proper momentum too, but they’re doing it against tier-B opponents so I’m not sure if that really counts. EliGE is there no matter who’s on the opposing end, and I’m sure he’ll be the driving force in Team Liquid’s win tomorrow.

Map Pool Stats

MAD Lions don’t have a strict permaban. They usually opt for Dust 2 but it’s not a rule by any means… though they’ve played on it three times in the last three months without winning a single one. They’ve been great on Vertigo which is one of Liquid’s weak spots. If Liquid opts to ban Vertigo, MAD Lions will still have Train left, and we all know Liquid isn’t really comfortable playing on Train… especially against European teams.

However, most other maps should go in favor of Team Liquid. They have better fraggers, more dueling power, and arguably a superior tactical approach. As far as Liquid vs. MAD predictions are concerned, the only thing I’m confident in is that this won’t be a 2:0 blowout. This will go the extra length, and that’s why I’m going with this:

Liquid vs. MAD Betting Predictions

Odds are courtesy of Bovada. You can check out our Betway review here if you’re looking for somewhere to bet from outside the US. And for users in the United States, check out Bovada for odds.

I believe MAD Lions will grab either Train or Vertigo. I don’t think Liquid will be prepared to take MAD Lions down on those maps. Everything else should go in favor of Team Liquid, although I wouldn’t place that 2:1 correct score on Liquid just yet.

At +210, it’s definitely tempting… but MAD Lions will fancy their chances in the decider map assuming they win either Train or Vertigo. This one is going to be a tightly contested matchup, which is why I’m going with total maps over 2.5 here.

Pick: Over 2.5 Maps

Odds: -110

$100 Could Win You…$190.91

Three Important CSGO Betting Tips

We’re not done just yet. Since I reckon many of you are just starting out, here are three concise CSGO betting tips that could help you deal with teething issues.

Manage Your Betting Bankroll

This one is rather simple – set aside a monthly betting budget and only use those funds for your betting endeavors. Don’t deposit more funds if you go through a rough losing streak. Just lay low for a while, until the next month and your next budget allocation. You’ll have plenty of time to clear your head; if you put enough research hours in, you’ll be able to climb out of your losing slump and into the green!

Dig Deep

If you’re serious about your CSGO betting hobby, you have to understand the complexity behind CSGO matches. In other words, you’ll have to start digging deep; deep into the stats, deep into teams’ forms, recent results and map pool depths. Besides that, you’ll also have to follow the most recent news, roster alterations, transfers, rumors, and that kind of stuff. Being a successful esports betting enthusiast is a demanding job, much more than might meet the eye at first glance.

Don’t Chase Losses

I feel like I’m repeating myself as far as chasing losses is concerned… but one can never be too careful. If you’re just starting out, you might not know about the dangers of chasing losses. It’s the worst thing one can do when placing online wagers.

The story goes something like this – Joey splurges through $100 after a rough night of betting. Joey believe the winning breakthrough is just around the corner so he deposits another $100 to try to break even. Joey loses another $100… but he still feels the breakthrough is just around the corner.

Do you see where this is going? I’m sure you do! Chasing losses is a never-ending cycle of misery that typically ends in significant financial problems.

Don’t succumb to the pressure! Don’t chase your losses!

That’ll be all for today, gentlemen!

Hope you’ve enjoyed the show…

Pavo out.

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