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Biggest Televised Poker Wins Of All Time

biggest-televised-poker-wins of all-time

In the past couple of decades, poker has seen a huge rise in popularity and due to this many large TV broadcasters have invested heavily in the sport to allow us pokers fans to indulge in hours of the biggest poker tournaments on our screens. Because of this, us consumers have been able to watch some of the biggest pokers wins in history which have been live televised, but if you missed them, we’ve compiled a list of the biggest in history.

First of all, and possibly the most spoken about is that of Antonio Esfandiari when he won the World Series of Poker One Drop back in 2012 and went home with over $18 million – astonishing numbers! 48 pro players play the One Drop with a prize pool of almost $45 million is certainly one of the bigger tournaments on the series. Because of this huge win, Esfandiari went down as one of greats in terms of biggest wins ever on live TV poker.

Another big win than many of us experienced first-hand on our TV’s was when novice Jamie Gold rushed onto the scene and took home the 2006 WSOP Main Event. He went home with roughly $12 million, which is crazy to think he doesn’t play poker full-time and is actually a talent agent and TV producer. Gold became famous after this win having played in a serious unorthodox way including exposing some of the hands, he had to pressure fellow players into folding and just talking directly to his opponents; one that worked very well for him.

This trend has also seen many looking to win big themselves. Sites like are offering some of the best poker tables for any abilities and buy ins on the web. Not only that, they also have a variety of other games, and promotional deals and sign up offers for all new customers – something certainly worth checking out. This is a field that has grown in popularity and even more so as a form of online entertainment, through 2020 and the Coronavirus pandemic and enforced lockdowns.

In more recent times, what about when Elton Tsang won the High Roller in Monaco back in 2016? The WSOP held their High Roller competition in Europe this year for the first time with 28 players and a prize pool of $28 million on offer. Tsang ended up walking away with $12.2 million and the Hong Kong resident already added to his huge worth that he gains from the several businesses that he runs. This win put Tsang on the poker map and ensured that he has stayed in the WSOP ever since, winning some other high-profile tournaments.


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