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A COVID Alternative for Sports Betting


 January 6, 2021

The start of 2020 had a huge impact of sporting events and sports betting as a whole as the cancellation and postponement of many events led to fans seeking out alternatives – with the start of 2021 also seeming to have some more cancellations already prepared as the start of the year has begun with some lockdowns in countries such as the UK – but this does provide an opportunity for a betting alternative for punters, as much like 2020, esports continues to move from strength to strength.

The big benefit has come as more familiarity has been brought to esports for the more casual viewer – whilst many games are certainly aimed at the more enthusiast audience who have either been a fan for a longer period of time or actively play the games, they’re not so friendly for a newer audience who may not understand the nuance of the game completely or may not understand gaming to that degree. With the introduction of titles such as the NBA and FIFA into esports, or even with motorsports through iRacing as had been seen early last year, newer viewers who are more fans of traditional sporting events have something that is both r recognizable and easy to follow and has allowed for growth outside of the traditional top three games. The widespread introduction of esports and game betting across platforms such as has also helped here too – fans looking to get more involved have always turned to alternatives such as betting to better understand how a game can be played and it has been no different with esports as many newcomers are able to quickly learn about a scene through the growing betting markets.

Another benefit has been within the introduction of esports to more accessible platforms such as mobile – some of the bigger titles require a strong system to be able to perform well or certain peripherals to enhance the competitive experience and it provides a bit of a barrier to newer players who may not be willing to invest just to play, but the introduction of these other platforms means fans can try out the new titles without any additional cost. This has also been the reason for the rise in different online gambling platforms too as mobile casinos and gambling sites have thrived during this same period of time as a viable alternative to offline services that remained closed.

With 2021 already shaping up to be a great year for alternatives to sports betting like esports, there’s a huge opportunity to be found for new and returning players, and with a packed roster of events taking place right the way through the year there will be no shortage of action if your favourite more traditional option finds itself with a cancellation or a postponement.


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