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2021 BLAST Premier Global Final Betting Preview, Team Overviews and Tips


Demand for betting on BLAST Premier Global Final is already bringing joy to bookies all over the globe! CSGO fans are going crazy – several weeks of pause were always going to cause mayhem to the biggest esports betting niche out there.

Why is the demand so high when we don’t even have the opening-round matchups yet? Well, it’s because outright betting options have been available for quite some time already, and people are crazy about them these days… probably because of that massive stop last year.

What does it mean to be godlike? Is it beyond our control?

The BLAST Premier Championship 2021 will decide 💥#BLASTPremier

— BLAST Premier 💥 (@BLASTPremier) December 13, 2020

LAN events are making a massive comeback, but I’m sure you’ve heard about that already. Some teams will profit from this, others will find it much harder to keep their footing. Either way, betting on BLAST Premier Global Final will be a nice refreshment after several weeks’ worth of pause.

Where to Bet on CSGO – Best Esports Bookmakers in 2021

So you’ve made up your mind – you’re ready to start betting on BLAST Premier Global Final. But, you’ve stumbled upon a minor issue – you don’t know where to invest your money. Worry not, young padawan, for we have the info you crave for:

Yep, those are the finest CSGO betting sites you can find in 2021! The competition is tough, no doubt about that, but these bookmakers definitely belong to the top of the esports betting food chain. If you’re on the lookout for valuable bookmakers, that’s the article you should be checking out.

Types of Available CSGO Betting Options

What about the various CSGO betting options that will be available for the duration of this event? Betting on BLAST Premier Global Final has bookmakers going out of their way to provide numerous betting opportunities, and it’s on you to exploit them as much as you can.

Here are the most popular betting options that ought to be available on most esports bookmakers in 2021:

  • Match-winner
  • Handicap
  • Player vs. player kills
  • Total maps over/under
  • Team to win both pistol rounds
  • Rounds total over/under
  • Overtime yes/no

BLAST Premier Global Final Preview

If you’re going to be betting on BLAST Premier Global Finals, you should know that the event starts on Tuesday, January 19th. The first quarterfinals are scheduled for that specific day; the event will last through Sunday, January 24th, bringing forth six days of awesome CSGO happenings.

The production quality ought to be at an all-time high. Unfortunately, we still don’t know who’s going to be in the broadcast talent team, although we’re expecting only the biggest names in competitive CSGO!

Tournament Format

No worries guys, the format of this event is as straightforward as they come. You won’t have any difficulties with following the action since everything will pan out in a simple and straightforward double-elimination bracket. Yep, the event kicks off with the upper bracket quarterfinals, with losing teams getting an extra shot in the lower bracket. All matches are set up as best-of-threes, meaning the Great Danes won’t have a wicked advantage in the grand finals.

Here’s what the upper bracket quarterfinals look like:

  • Astralis vs. Evil Geniuses
  • G2 vs. FURIA
  • Vitality vs. Complexity
  • NaVi vs. Liquid

Prize Pool Distribution

BLAST Premier Global Final is one of the biggest CSGO events this year. Not that surprising since it has $1 million USD in prize money – only a few CSGO event scan brag with those numbers…

Here’s a closer look at the official prize pool distribution:

Place Prize
1st $600,000
2nd $200,000
3rd $80,000
4th $50,000
5th– 6th $20,000
7th – 8th $15,000

As you can see, there’s quite a difference between the first and second spots. The winner grabs a hefty $600,000 grand prize while the losing team goes home with “just” $200,000. Don’t get me wrong, those $200,000 are still pretty sweet for CSGO standards… but we’re bound to see one close encounter in the grand finals, mark my words!

BLAST Premier Global Final Team Overviews

You ought to know a lot about the pro CSGO scene, otherwise I doubt you’d be reading this piece. But, if you’re a frequent CSGO bettor, you probably know that there is no such thing as too much fresh information.

Driven by those thoughts, let’s take a deeper look into the eight participating teams:

G2 Esports

Let’s start off with G2 Esports! One thing is certain, their fans expect a lot from them this year. It’s hard to blame them, really. In terms of individual talent, G2 is one of, if not the, best teams in the world! They have plenty of raw fragging potential coupled with a whole bunch of experience too. They were a tough team to beat in 2020, but I reckon they’re about to become even tougher! How come? Well, they got NiKo!

Ex-Faze superstar, Nikola “NiKo” Kovač has joined his cousin huNter and colleague nexa in this high-potential G2 project. His tenure at Faze Clan could’ve been a lot better; there won’t be any love lost there, that’s for sure. But, now NiKo will be under extra scrutiny. He’s been solid thus far, often being the best G2 player on the server. But, he’ll need more time to fully sync up. Once he does, I feel this G2 is going to be crazy. StarLadder Major CR4ZY on steroids, kind of crazy!

2021 has all the makings of a wonderful year for Ocelote’s esports organization. With NiKo and the Balkanieros (nexa and huNter) leading the charge, G2 are going to be difficult to stop. Don’t get me wrong, their 2020 was solid, but it lacked a proper title… and that’s bound to change this year!


The Brazilians had their fair share of ups and downs throughout 2020. However, we need to give credit where credit is due, and FURIA has to be pointed out as the best NA team of last season. That title was never going to Team Liquid, not after disastrous performances on online events. Evil Geniuses were good, but not good enough – FURIA is the NA champion, no question about it.

But, 2021 won’t have that many regional events, and that’s something which might cause problems for FURIA… especially knowing just how poor they’ve handled European teams late last year. Yep, FURIA’s European adventures in late 2020 didn’t go as planned. They got their asses whooped right off the bat, and the question is – will it repeat again this year.

What about FURIA’s players?

Who have been the key factors in FURIA’s impressive 2020 run in NA? Yuurih and KSCERATO are the men whose names you must know! These two did all the dirty work leading to FURIA’s titles in 2020. Others weren’t slacking either, but yuurih and KSCERATO’s displays were more than worthy of emphasizing here.

If you’re going to be betting on BLAST Premier Global Final, I honestly can’t recommend you bet on FURIA all that much. It all depends on how they play against G2 in the opening round, but knowing how they performed against EU teams last year, I wouldn’t invest my money on them.


Complexity’s 2020 was pretty good too, even though they were the first NA team to participate in European regional events. This did lead them into trouble; they couldn’t keep their roster intact right after hitting the sweet spot and enjoying several exceptional outings. oBo had to travel back home to the US. And while that did put Complexity in a sticky situation early on, they were quick to sign jks and announce better things to come in 2021.

The Australian had an amazing 2020! Even though his overall stats took the slightest of drops in contrast to his performance in 2019, I reckon he was at his very best throughout the year. The stats fail to bring the complexity behind competition quality in the equation. Since his arrival in late October, jks has played against some of Europe’s toughest teams and presented himself in a fine manner.

What should we expect from Complexity on this event? Is it worth to invest in Complexity on your esports betting slips? Well, I honestly wouldn’t take them for granted, that’s for sure. They got that nasty scalp potential, though I don’t think it can get them very far into the bracket.

Team Liquid

The boys in blue are back, the boys in blue are back… or at least that’s what hyped-up NA CSGO fans seem to be telling everyone these days. Where is all this nonsense coming from? Well, it’s probably stemming from Liquid’s solid performance on IEM XV Global Challenge. The problem is, that’s exactly what it was – solid.

Don’t get me wrong – it was great when compared to other Liquid’s displays last year… but it could be just a glimpse of brilliance and nothing more. In fact, why are we even mentioning this performance when Liquid ought to have a much different gameplay than last year.

2020 was a year of highs, lows and growth. Take a look back at the year that was 🙌

— Team Liquid (@TeamLiquid) January 5, 2021

For those of you who aren’t in the know, Twistzz said his farewells; FalleN joined the roster just a couple of days ago. Yep, FalleN, the 29-year-old Brazilian CSGO legend, has joined Team Liquid following Twistzz’s departure. Will that be enough to prevent Liquid from stooping to the lower bracket following their opening match against NaVi? I guess we’ll find out in just a few days…


Astralis is coming into this tournament as the heavy favorite! They had their issues last year, mostly fatigue-based, but that didn’t stop them from finishing the year in a marvelous fashion. The Great Danes have won two events in December, three if we count the first spot on BLAST Premier Circuit. One thing is sure, they’re already eyeing the $600,000 grand prize here!

And they have every right to do so! Not only have they finished 2020 with a proper bang, but they’re also playing in their GOAT roster with gla1ve back as their main in-game-leader. Now that’s a recipe for success, that I can tell you right away!

Betting on BLAST Premier Global Final is just about to start, and everyone seems to be betting on Astralis to win the event. The value isn’t the greatest, but it’s a relatively “safe” bet. However, if you’re into outright betting, make sure you check out the futures section down below!


Natus Vincere is the next team on our chopping block. The best CIS CSGO team is back at it again, following a superbly consistent 2020. Believe it or not, NaVi has made it into the top four on all but two events last year. That’s quite the accomplishment, especially considering the fact they’ve mostly participated on EU regional events.

Which events did NaVi win last year? IEM XIV World Championship was their first title in 2020. They defeated G2 in the grand finals in what was a pretty straightforward match. In addition to that title, the best CIS side has also won WePlay! Clutch Island. The latter is not nearly as big as IEM XIV WC, but it’s still worth mentioning.

Before jumping to Vitality, we need to examine NaVi’s roster. Perfecto’s first year at the club has been solid. He hasn’t made a notable impact, but he’s been playing his cards well. S1mple went through another near-perfect season. The 23-year-old Ukrainian beast finished the year with a 1.29 HLTV rating and 1.34 impact – godlike stats to say the least. If 2021 is near those numbers, NaVi is bound to win more titles!


What’s ZywOo’s team been up to in 2020? Well, if we look at the raw stats, the French organization only managed to win two titles. But, if we take a closer look, we’ll realize they’ve been among the most consistent teams on the old continent. Vitality have won BLAST premier Fall 2020 and IEM XV Beijing EU, but have had numerous other opportunities to win silverware throughout the whole year.

In total, Vitality have played in six grand finals and only managed to win two of them. Luck just wasn’t on their side last year. That, plus ZywOo and the company usually ended up choking in crucial situations. However, that must not transition to their 2021 performances too! As some of you know by now, Vitality have renewed their contract with ZywOo until 2024, promising they’ll surround him with winners.

While we don’t know what sort of roster alterations Vitality will go through this year, fingers crossed it will help them be even more competitive than last year. ZywOo is in his prime, the six-man-roster seems to be working well – Vitality is inches away from competitive perfection!

Evil Geniuses

Finally, we’ve reached the eighth team that will be participating on the upcoming BLAST Premier Finals. As the heading implies, we’re going to discuss Evil Geniuses here. Let’s see what the second-best NA team in 2020 is all about!

I can’t say I’m satisfied with EG’s performances last season. True, they were better than Team Liquid (for the most part), but they still got beaten by FURIA. 2020 was the perfect opportunity for EG to cement their spot at the top of NA… but they’ve messed it up.

To add insult to injury, the luck of the draw just didn’t favor Evil Geniuses here. As you could’ve seen earlier, EG got Astralis in the opening round. Obviously, the Great Danes are the heavy favorites here… and anything but a sleek win by the Danish team will be a huge surprise. With those words, we’re all done with this section of our BLAST Premier Finals betting preview. Let’s move onto outright winner betting tips before wrapping everything up and calling it a day!

Outright Betting on BLAST Premier Global Final 2021

Last but not least – outrights! As stated in the introduction, outrights are the reason for such a massive CSGO betting demand these days. If you’re ready to join the hype train, here are the outright winner odds courtesy of

Team Odds
Astralis +180
Vitality +250
NaVi +500
FURIA +800
G2 +900
EG +1300
Liquid +1400
Complexity +1500

Looking at the odds, Astralis at +180 seems like a solid deal. It’s not the greatest, but considering everything the Great Danes have shown us in late 2020, they’re definitely the heavy favorites. But, if you’re looking to start betting on BLAST Premier Global Final with a bit more risk, you can find more valuable bets out there.

G2 at +900 is the perfect high-risk high-value bet here! NiKo and the Balkan boys have high aspirations for 2021 season and they might just kick it off with a title. It’s quite a far stretch, but offers a good value at a hefty +900. If you’re into those sorts of bets, be my guest!

With those words, I’d like to wrap up our betting preview!

Thanks for sticking till the end – hopefully our picks for betting on BLAST Premier Global Final will have plenty of success!

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