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7 Attractions to Visit at Golden Nugget Atlantic City


Golden Nugget Atlantic City will give you a complete vacation of thrills. But it’s not the only place in the area that you will find fun and adrenaline-pumping action. In fact, and excuse the cliche, you’re looking at just the tip of the iceberg!

Yeah, if you’re heading to Atlantic City, be sure to carve out a couple of days and build an itinerary for some fun, non-casino-related stuff. And the area is flooded with just as much fun off the casino floor as it is on the casino floor.

Sure, we’ll touch on the other area casinos in the last section as they are technically area attractions. But please, don’t limit yourself. You’re on vacation, after all, and vacation means sightseeing and experiences that you wouldn’t otherwise get back home. 

And today’s post covers a few of these dynamic attractions.

Ready? Let’s begin. 

1 – Noyes Arts Garage of Stockton University 

Are you an art enthusiast?

If so, head over to Noyes Arts Garage of Stockton University and embark on the most creative shopping experience of your life. Here, you will discover artists focusing on a different medium working in their studios and spaces. 

If you love art and if you’re looking to improve your own, it will give you even further reason to head over from the slots and tables at Golden Nugget Atlantic City and to the Noyes Arts Garage. They invite you to watch the artists work, ask questions, and even purchase artwork that catches your eye. 

Or you can just stroll through the galleries and admire the finest pieces of artwork in the region. In the heart of Atlantic City, this is an interactive, educational, and shopping experience you won’t want to miss out on. And there’s free parking!

Spend an hour or spend the entire day to learn the creative processes of the region’s best artists. Improve your craft, and discover some of the latest and finest decor. 

2 – The Wheel at Steel Pier

Would you like to catch a stunning view of the Atlantic’s blue waters plus one of the finest overlooks of Atlantic City?

Perhaps you’re an amusement park enthusiast who just wants to try the signature rides in the area. If this is you, then you need to take a ride on the Wheel at Steel Pier. 

Brace yourself for a fantastic view as you view Atlantic City in a way you’d never otherwise see it. See how many casinos you can point to when you reach the apex, and bonus points if you can spot Golden Nugget Atlantic City. 

It’s a fantastic thrill that the casino games won’t provide. But you will sure get a thrill by viewing the area casinos from new heights, along with more of Atlantic City’s most resounding area attractions. 

3 – Brighton Park

You probably won’t get the thrills at Brighton Park like you will at Golden Nugget Atlantic City, the Wheel at Steel Pier, or the other local casinos. But you will discover a relaxing experience at Brighton Park. And best yet, you’re still in the city’s confines, so you don’t need to venture far to find it. 

Brighton Park provides a peaceful experience that allows you to connect with nature, even when you’re within the city. 

You will find Brighton Park right off the Boardwalk and in front of the Claridge Hotel. The park contains a fountain, the New Jersey Korean War Memorial, picnic areas, and shade trees. 

If you’re venturing from Golden Nugget to Bally’s Atlantic City, then visiting Brighton Park is a must given its proximity to the latter. So, take a small break from the casino tour to visit the park and all it offers before you head in for another unforgettable gaming experience. 

4 – Central Pier Arcade

Central Pier Arcade is a great place if you came to Atlantic City with your family and your kids are looking for something to do. That’s if they’re not yet old enough to frequent Golden Nugget Atlantic City. 

But even if they are of age, they’re probably still young enough to enjoy what they will find here.

This is another fantastic place to visit if you’re near the beachfront casinos like Bally’s or Hard Rock, given its location on the Boardwalk on the oceanside.

You’re looking at an old school arcade, complete with those retro games played for tokens that you can exchange for prizes and such. 

They also feature go karts, so if you’d rather engage in some live racing against strangers to catch an adrenaline rush on the track, it’s more than worth the trip. And that’s true even if you prefer the casino games at Golden Nugget as opposed to the arcade games. 

Race your friends, family, and as mentioned, strangers. Then, if they’re up for it, invite them back to the casino for some friendly slot machine and table gaming fun. You can just see the competitiveness growing. 

5 – Hostel Interactive Escape Room

Ever see the Hostel movies?

Did they give you nightmares?

Because if they did, now, you get to bring that nightmare to life at the Hostel Interactive Escape Room. Yeah, they’re making escape rooms with many themes these days.

But don’t worry, they tout this escape room as a family-friendly activity for adults and kids aged seven or older. And though younger kids can try the escape room with their parents, they don’t recommend anyone under seven to enter. 

So, if your family or group of friends is at four or fewer, head on into the Hostel Interactive Escape Room and see if you can escape this horror movie-influenced outing. But hey, why not make a competition out of it if your group contains over four people? 

You’re looking at an overall fun and adrenaline-pumping activity that only an escape room can bring. And this one is arguably one of the best in New Jersey. 

6 – Atlantic City Visitor Welcome Center

Atlantic City, New Jersey is full of attractions at every turn. From the streets and locations that rest on millions of Monopoly game boards across the world to the Miss America pageant, and of course, the casinos, Atlantic City is a thriving region in the United States. 

So, if you’re looking for a few more attractions and ideas besides what you have found so far on this list, a trip to the Atlantic City Visitor Welcome Center is worth the visit. There, you will find trained specialists who will help you plan every aspect of your trip. 

Before you travel over to Atlantic City and are looking to see the best of the best besides Golden Nugget Atlantic City and the other area casinos, a trip to the welcome center is worth it. 

Ask questions about the area, find information on activities and events that will occur during your stay in the area, and if you haven’t booked a hotel room yet at Golden Nugget or one of the area casinos, you can do so at the welcome center. 

If you made the spontaneous decision to venture to Monopoly City, head over to the Atlantic City Visitor Welcome Center and prepare to create the trip of a lifetime.  

7 – Casinos Near Golden Nugget Atlantic City 

And if you have ventured to Golden Nugget Atlantic City, chances are you will find yourself at a few other casinos in the area. And Golden Nugget is not too far from two of the many casinos that Atlantic City boasts.

Within striking distance, you will also find Harrah’s Resort Atlantic City and Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa. So, if you’re starting your casino tour at Golden Nugget, you will probably play a few games at these two casinos before you head off to the other six on the beachfront. 

Once you venture south a little, you will find a line of the remaining casinos waiting to answer your call. 

From the north to the southwest, you will come across Ocean Casino Resort, Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Atlantic City, Resorts Casino Hotel, Bally’s Atlantic City, Caesars Atlantic City, and Tropicana Atlantic City. 

You will find that each of these Atlantic City casinos in the area boast their own themes, gaming options, styles, amenities, and more uniqueness that will make you want to make return trips to Atlantic City, New Jersey, in the future. 

You can’t just play at one casino to get the full flair that Atlantic City brings. So, try them all and immerse yourself in the Atlantic City experience. 


As you can see, there are tons of things to get excited over when you venture to Golden Nugget Atlantic City, and a trip to the casino itself is just one of many reasons to gush over the area. 

Sure, they have their other casinos and you must pay at least a few of them a visit. But take the time to venture away from the adrenaline-pumping casino gaming to experience everything Atlantic City, New Jersey, offers. 

Have you played at Golden Nugget Atlantic City or one of the other casinos in the area? If so, did you visit any of the attractions listed above? Tell us about your experience in the comments and we can’t wait to read your stories. 

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