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12 Casino Attractions to Avoid Gambling in Las Vegas


Casinos are known for their opulent adornments and luxurious features for guests to enjoy. Many of the extravagant attractions are even complimentary.

You’re sure to find plenty of places to go when you’re visiting Las Vegas and looking to take a break from the casino floor.

Having so many free attractions to enjoy is a great way to extend your gambling bankroll. These 12 casino attractions may make you forget you’re there to gamble.

1 – Gondola Ride

Cutting through the Venetian Resort and Casino, you’ll find a grand canal that is as close to Venice as many will ever come.

The beautiful canal transports its visitors from the scorching desert to the old world charm of Italy.

The rides, which run seven days a week all-day long, will set you back just under $40 per person. But the memories made are worth much more. It’s a great way to break from the casino games, and besides, you’ll only lose it at the tables anyway.

For a special treat, get there early and catch the march of the gondoliers. The talented gondoliers’ arrival for the day is celebrated as they sing authentic songs to prepare for the day’s adventure.

2 – Eiffel Tower

You won’t have any trouble finding the Paris Hotel Casino. Just look for the giant Eiffel Tower. Well, look for the downsized version of the famous Paris landmark.

Towering nearly 50 stories over the Strip is an observation deck named the Eiffel Tower experience. The observation deck offers an awe-inspiring 360-degree view of Las Vegas and the surrounding landscape.

You may also enjoy a romantic dinner at the Eiffel Tower Restaurant, overlooking the fantastic fountain show at the Bellagio.

Tickets to the observation deck run at about $20, so this is an attraction that won’t break the bank. Make sure to fave the camera ready for some once in a lifetime shots.

3 – Fountains at the Bellagio

The Fountain Show at the Bellagio is quite possibly the most fantastic attraction when visiting Las Vegas.

Watching the massive columns of water fire hundreds of feet into the air delights visitors from around the world. The shows are choreographed to popular tunes, and you won’t likely see the same show twice.

During holidays, the show turns into a giant sing-along, and the adults appear to have as much fun as the children.

Not only is the Fountain Show at the Bellagio one of the best in town, but it’s also 100% free. That’s right; spending hours watching the brilliant display won’t cost you a penny.

Every dollar you save on a casino trip is another dollar you have for the casino floor. It would be best if you took advantage of the fountains at Bellagio.

4 – The Erupting Volcano

The Mirage also offers a free attraction for passersby and guests alike. The volcano outside of the casino erupts several times a day and puts on a fantastic show for viewers.

At night, the stark contrast of the lava dancing against the night sky provides some beautiful photo opportunities. This show is excellent for all ages and is one of the best family-friendly activities.

If you’re traveling with a large group, the volcano show can provide a great setting to slip away with a special someone and share a personal experience without the cluster of family and friends.

5 – The Desperado

You can find Buffalo Bill’s Resort and Casino in the middle of the desert between Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

Primm, NV, may not be on your casino destination bucket list. Still, the unique casino has one attraction that stands out among them all.

The Desperado is the 225 feet tall roller coaster that you’ll no doubt catch a glimpse of miles before you make it to Primm. This outlaw rollercoaster fires riders on hairpin turns, and stomach-clenching drops at over 80 mph.

When Buffalo Bill’s built the roller coaster in the 1990s, it was the fastest on the planet. The crown has been taken, but 80 mph is still flying.

6 – The Big Apple Coaster

The Big Apple Coaster at New York, New York Casino in Las Vegas offers some old school roller coaster fun with the latest technology.

Visitors can ride the fantastic beast for only $19 and have the option to re-ride the coaster for another $10. If two trips around the property aren’t enough (you’ll be moving pretty fast), you can get an all-day pass for $30.

If you’re traveling with a roller coaster enthusiast, don’t be surprised if they spend the money on an all-day pass and leave the casino gambling on the back burner.

There’s also a cutting edge virtual reality option, and it sends riders on a VR trip on the beautiful coaster. An accompanying arcade is an excellent place for the family to get the kids out of the pool and spend some quality family time.

7 – High Roller

The High Roller at the Linq is one of the most easily recognizable casino attractions in the world.

What many don’t realize is that the High Roller is the tallest observation wheel on the planet. The massive structure stands 550 feet tall above the hustle and bustle of the surrounding casinos.

The climate-controlled cabins keep you and up to 39 of your closest friends excellent and comfortable as the wheel makes its full revolution every half-hour.

The prices range from $24 during the day to $35 at night. There are cheaper attractions to be found, but you can’t beat the views.

8 – The Sling Shot

Venture to the Adventuredome at Circus Circus, and you can’t miss the Sling Shot.

This heart-pounding attraction will take riders on an up-and-down adventure that will have many screaming for their lives.

You’ll shoot 100 feet into the air and come to an abrupt stop. Then, hang in suspense until you come zooming back to earth.

Tickets for the ride start at only $5 for children and $13 for adults. You can also purchase day passes that allow you to enjoy the entire array of rides and attractions to your heart’s content for a very reasonable price.

9 – Level Up

Level Up at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas is a sportsbook unlike any other. Part sportsbook and part Dave and Buster’s, Level Up has a little bit of everything for adults.

The fully stocked bar offers craft beer and cocktails, but you can also always enjoy your regular. You may even find yourself ordering some of the gourmet pub fares while you’re there.

Sports betting is sure to draw a crowd, but it’s the arcade that shines.

Patrons crowd around to watch the virtual reality gamers. These are the most up to date VR gaming systems in the world. At $50 for a 30-minute gaming session, you may find it hard to stop at one try.

10 – Shark Reef Aquarium Mandalay bay

One of the most family and specifically kid-friendly attractions in Las Vegas is the Shark Reef Aquarium at Mandalay Bay.

The impressive aquarium holds well over 1 million gallons of saltwater, and over 100 sharks call the aquarium home.

You can spend hours in front of the thick glass as you try to locate one shark from each of the 15 different species.

Tickets start at $20 for adults and $15 for children, meaning that you’re getting a tremendous value for the money even if you take the whole family.

The price may scare some visitors away, but you’ll be spending most of the day at the aquarium, and it’s worth the price of admission to see the looks on your kids’ faces.

11 – The Forum Shoppes

The Forum Shoppes at Caesars Palace is the perfect place for me and my spouse to get away by ourselves and enjoy some time shopping, people watching, and enjoying a nice beverage.

The great thing about shopping is that you can determine how much it costs. Spend as much or as little of your time and money as you’d like.

12 – The Stratosphere Tower

The tower at the Stratosphere is almost as impressive from the street as it is from the top.

The SkyPod is the amusement park set atop the 1,100-foot tower. Here, you can find several fabulous rides and features.

These terrifying rides will have you hanging over 1,000 feet above the ground below. Some will spin and twirl while others will shoot you towards the sky above.

Prices vary by season, but you can expect to shell out about $40 and get your choice of three rides. Some might balk at $40, but for three rides, it’s a tremendous value.


You can seldom run out of new and exciting things to do on a Las Vegas casino trip. It’s essential for both your physical and mental well-being to get out of the casino and into the real world at least once a day.

The 12 casino attractions that may make you forget you’re there to gamble will get you off the casino floor. You’ll probably make memories that down the road will shine as the highlight of your trip.

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