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7 Attractions to Visit at Caesars Atlantic City


Caesars Atlantic City sits at the pinnacle of the casino industry. Its location in Atlantic City, New Jersey, should tell you that it attracts tourists from all over the world. But that doesn’t mean it’s the only place in town worth visiting.

Apart from nearby casinos that rock the Atlantic City area, you will also find plenty of hot nearby attractions around Caesars Atlantic City and its neighboring casinos. And today’s post covers a few of the hottest. 

So, if you’re looking to embark to Atlantic City, New Jersey, and if Caesars Atlantic City is the top casino on your list, set apart a day or two to explore the area. And we’re not just talking about nearby casinos, even if they will grace your itinerary. 

Ready to discover all of what the area offers besides Caesars Atlantic City and its casino pals?

Keep reading. 

1 – Monopoly City

Also known as the “World’s Most Famous Playground,” Atlantic City, New Jersey, also goes by the nickname “Monopoly City.”


Because if you’ve ever wondered about where the streets and properties received their names, it began right here in Atlantic City.

If you’re looking to take a day off from Caesars Atlantic City, why not embark on a scavenger hunt and track down as many locations and streets from the game?

Now, a few properties no longer exist. For example, St. Charles Place no longer exists, and Illinois Avenue is now Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. You won’t find all the locations from the game itself, but it’ll still be cool to see how many streets and locations you venture to from the popular board game.

So, if you’re looking for about 30 unique attractions in one, venture out of the doors of Caesars Atlantic City and see how many properties from Monopoly you can spot. Hint: You’ll probably take a walk on the Boardwalk regardless, so you’ll get one down easy! 

2 – Atlantic City Convention Center

If you’re not staying at Caesars Atlantic City, you may frequent at a hotel near or attached to the Atlantic City Convention Center. And as with any convention center, chances are you will find a fun trade show or event going on.

Having opened in 1997 and containing 500,000 square feet of real estate, you can only imagine what kind of trade shows this facility will put on. Before venturing to Caesars Atlantic City or to any of the area casinos, see if anything worthwhile is happening at the convention center. 

You may just discover a new hobby after attending one of the many events held at the venue. 

Per TripAdvisor, reviewers rave about the annual boat show, and it’s just one of many options that you will find at the Atlantic City Convention Center. 

You’ll also find a landscaped garden between the convention center itself and the Sheraton Hotel. Head on over to the statue of Bert Parks when you get the chance. The statue is holding up a crown. When you put your head within the crown, prepare to hear a rendition of “There She Is” once you activate the sensors.

It’s sort of an attraction within an attraction. Whether you’re up for experiencing the magic of the Bert Parks statue or if curiosity led you from Caesars Atlantic City and to the Atlantic City Convention Center, brace yourself for some fun, new experiences and shows. 

3 – Kennedy Plaza

This plaza holds a nice array of attractions within, so it’s worth heading out for when you’re in the area. You’ll find it in front of the Boardwalk Hall, and it contains a statue of Miss America, a workers memorial monument, a mini golf area, benches, and more. 

One reviewer on TripAdvisor noted the Kennedy Plaza also holds a small Atlantic City museum within its walls. So, if you’re into history, have a look at Atlantic City’s past through photo viewing, old costumes, posters, the works. It’s a brief walk into history and it’s great for a half-hour tour. 

They also hold summer music shows that feature limited but seating for viewing, plus the many benches scattered about the area. 

Something is always going on at Kennedy Plaza, and it’s a great place to stop and check out what’s happening if you’re looking to venture into Atlantic City for a bit. 

There’s a variety of activities, but you can place a surefire bet that they will have something of worth going on when you venture to Atlantic City. 

4 – The Line of Duty Sculpture

The Line of Duty Sculpture commemorates America’s first responders from 9/11. The sculpture is a great place to visit if you’re touring the city and don’t wish to spend too much time at a museum, amusement park, etc. 

You will find the Line of Duty Sculpture right on the boardwalk, so it allows for easy access. And given its visibility, you won’t miss it. Come on out and appreciate the impeccable artwork for one of Atlantic City’s newer memorials. 

This is a fantastic cultural landmark fit for the entire family. So, if you brought the crew with you, make room to visit this small but unforgettable memorial when you find yourself on Atlantic City’s boardwalk. 

5 – African American Heritage Museum of Southern New Jersey

Also known by the acronym, AAHMSNJ, this museum features over 3,000 cultural artifacts of African American heritage from local artists in the Southern New Jersey area. It’s a fantastic place to experience the cultural evolution and understanding of African American heritage. 

If you’re someone who loves history, art, and culture, this is an attraction to place toward the top of your vacation itinerary when you’re looking to take a few hours off from the adrenaline-pumping casino games at Caesars Atlantic City. 

The AAHMSNJ is a great venue for all ages and interest levels, and it provides a dynamic educational atmosphere. So come on out, see the history, experience the culture, artworks, and more. 

6 – Poltergeist Interactive Escape Room

Sure, you will find thrills, wheels, and deals in Caesars Atlantic City’s game floor and its neighboring casinos. But if you’re looking for some different thrills, you must check out the Poltergeist Interactive Escape Room, especially if you can’t go on vacation without taking part in one. 

And yes, if you guessed this escape room has a haunted theme, you guessed correctly. Once you’re in on the story and situation, you and your team have a set amount of time to solve the puzzle and escape in the allotted time. 

Reviewers per TripAdvisor praise the theme and props for their realism and detail. They also loved the number of clues given, plus the right amount of difficulty. It’s not too easy, but not too tough. 

If you’re looking for a realistic chance to beat the escape room in a realistic setting, the Poltergeist Interactive Escape Room is a must. 

7 – Area Casinos Near Caesars Atlantic City 

The great thing about Caesars Atlantic City’s location is that you’re not too far away from casino gaming action at other area casinos. With that said, make sure you carve out time to catch some of the other casinos within walking distance of Caesars. 

One of six casinos in a straight line right on the beach, Tropicana Atlantic City sits to the west of Caesars while you’ll find Bally’s Atlantic City hardly a quarter mile away. To the northeast sits Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Atlantic City, Resorts Casino Hotel, and Ocean Casino Resort. 

If you’re frequenting Atlantic City for a weeklong casino tour and if you would prefer not to leave the roughly five-mile radius in which these casinos sit, you don’t have to. Start your tour at Caesars Atlantic City, visit the Trop, and work your way northeast to the other four.

And if you’d like to, venture even further northwest where you will find the Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa, Harrah’s Resort Atlantic City, and Golden Nugget Casino.

Each casino in Atlantic City has their own theme, gaming options, atmosphere, dining options, and so much more. A trip to Atlantic City is good when you go to one casino, great when you visit nearby attractions, and legendary when you turn your trip into a complete tour. 

So, what are you waiting for?

Head over to Atlantic City and start that casino tour. 


There you have it! You’re looking at seven subheadings worth of attractions around Caesars Atlantic City. But if you think about it, you have over 50 with all the Monopoly locations plus the number of casino venues in the area. 

You could spend weeks in Atlantic City and chances are you probably still wouldn’t cover the hundreds of local attractions here. And that doesn’t include the main eventers like Caesars Atlantic City and the other nearby casinos. 

So, be sure to build that vacation itinerary, take a couple days off the floor at Caesars, and discover Atlantic City for yourself.

Have you been to Caesars Atlantic City? If so, did you visit any of the other casinos in the area, or did you find yourself at one of the local attractions discussed? Let us know in the comments. 

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