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Free Printable Super Bowl 55 Props Sheets


Super Bowl 55 figures to stand out as the most-watched of all sporting events to be held this year in America. People come together over the game by watching it in large groups and playfully arguing about the income. With one or more Super Bowl 55 printable props sheets, you can do some betting with your friends on many different aspects of the game.

Super Bowl parties are almost as a big a part of the tradition surrounding the event as the game itself. In 2021, those parties might have to be scaled back a bit. But even if they’re only doing so via technology, people will be getting together with their friends and loved ones to watch the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Kansas City Chiefs meet up on Sunday for the NFL Championship.

Many people know that these assemblies often bond over food and drink at the game. But another way to enjoy the action is to make bets on everything going on, both within the game and surrounding it. That’s where our printable Super Bowl 55 props sheet will come into play.

People can bet legally on Super Bowl 55 through online sports betting websites. But another way to go about it is to bet informally among friends. And that’s where the concept of prop bets really come in handy.

Prop bets are essentially anything you want them to be. You can bet on the outcome of the game, the commercials and the halftime show, even the coin toss if you want. If you put them all together, you’ll find that every moment of the game will get an extra jolt of excitement because there will be money on the line all night long.

In the following article, we’re going to help you organize with a series of printable Super Bowl 55 props sheets. We’ll also tell you how to set everything up and give you some options for prop bets that you can customize depending on how many people are involved. On top of that, we’ll give you some thoughts on the prop bets and answer some questions about the process.

Deciding on What Super Bowl 55 Props to Include

If you go to a sportsbook or set up on a real money sports gambling website, you’ll probably see a section entitled something like “Super Bowl 55 Prop Bets.” Many of the bets that we’re going to be talking about in this article will be found on those pages. But in the case of props among friends, it’s more of an informal process.

The best way to decide on your Super Bowl 55 props is to think about what kind of audience will be involved in them. Will it be a group of hardcore football fans, who might like to see the types of props found on top sports gambling sites? Or will it also include casual fans who figure to enjoy the entertainment aspects of the game as much as the action on the field itself?

From there, you should also decide if you want people to have a chance to go for larger pools of money involving multiple participants. For the sake of this article, we’ve broken the Super Bowl 55 props down to three types. They are:

  • Game-based Super Bowl 55 props
  • Entertainment-based Super Bowl 55 props
  • Multiple choice Super Bowl 55 props

We’ll talk about each of these three groups as we move through the article. One other thing you might want to decide going in is whether you’re going to let chance dictate the prop bets. Or will it be more of a skill-based process?

For example,

If you want everybody to have a random chance at winning, you might choose to flip a coin or have the participants pick pieces of paper from a hat (or have the person running the Super Bowl 55 props do it if it’s a virtual gathering.) But if you want it to be more of a gambling contest, you can have people select their choices.

You should really try to “read the room,” so to speak. If it’s more of an informal gathering and the mood is more light-hearted, you should probably go with random choices. Or, if you think those involved would prefer something where they have a bit more control over the situation, you can go with choices that are made consciously or even bid upon among those involved.

Game-Based Super Bowl 55 Props

These props are one that will be determined by what is happening on the field. If you want to make it easy for people, you should stick to the bets that are often talked about by the media. But you can also change it up by going deeper into the game by delving into more specific facets of the game that hardcore football fans might enjoy.

Here are five game-based Super Bowl 55 props you should consider:

  • Who Will Win the Big Game?
    • Kansas City Chiefs
    • Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  • Who Will Cover the Spread?
    • Kansas City Chiefs(-3.5 points)
    • Tampa Bay Buccaneers(+3.5 points)
  • What Will Be the Combined Score of the Two Teams?
    • Over 56 points
    • Under 56 points
  • Will there be a defensive or return touchdown in the game?
    • Yes
    • No
  • How many yards will Patrick Mahomes pass for in the game?
    • Over 300 yards
    • Under 300 yards

Who Will Win Super Bowl LV?

The Chiefs are a 3 ½-point favorite in the contest, based on the fact that they are the defending NFL champion and posted the best record in the NFL in the 2020 regular season. But the Buccaneers have the services of Tom Brady, who has won more Super Bowls than any player in NFL history. Expect the Chiefs to prevail, although it probably won’t be a blowout.

Who Will Cover The Spread?

Kansas City won the regular season between the two teams 27-24, which means Tampa Bay would have covered a 3-point spread in that game, which was also on Tampa’s home field (and which is also where Super Bowl 55 is being held.) The Buccaneers were struggling at that point, however, and they haven’t lost a game since that day. But it still seems like the Chiefs will be powerful enough to cover, even if it’s just by a point or two.

What Will Be the Combined Score of the Two Teams?

This is also known as the over/under bet when you encounter it at sports gambling sites. Even though the regular-season game played between the two was a 27-24 contest, which would have kept the score under that 56-point total, it seems likely that the offenses will be firing on all cylinders in this one. We expect the game to go over the point total.

Will There Be a Defensive or Return Touchdown in the Game?

The Chiefs and Buccaneers are both known for opportunistic defenses who can produce big plays, even scoring ones. And in Mecole Hardiman, the Chiefs can boast one of the most dangerous return man in the entire NFL. But it is still a relative rarity to see scores on the defensive and special teams side of the football.

How Many Yards Will Patrick Mahomes Pass for in the Game?

Mahomes goes over 300 yards with regularity because of his incredible ability and because of the weapons he has at his disposal. That’s why it’s likely he’ll go soaring over that total in this contest. By the way, feel free to substitute an individual stat over/under for any player that seems like a good fit for this kind of Super Bowl 55 prop bet.

Entertainment-Based Super Bowl 55 Props

The Super Bowl has become much more than just the game itself. Commercials, performances and anything else you can imagine can certainly be fodder for Super Bowl 55 props. And these can be a lot of fun, especially if you’re dealing with a crowd or group of people who are more excited by that aspect of the game.

Here are some Super Bowl 55 on the entertainment side of things that you can print out:

  • What Will the Result of the Coin Toss Be?
    • Heads
    • Tails
  • How Long Will the National Anthem Be?
    • Under 2 minutes
    • Over 2 minutes
  • Will Any of the Halftime Performers Have to Be Censored?
    • Yes
    • No
  • How Many Commercials Will Feature Dogs?
    • Under 3.5
    • Over 3.5
  • Will the Gatorade Be Poured on the Winning Coach Before or After the Game Is Over?
    • Before
    • After

What Will the Result of the Coin Toss Be?

Technically, this might not count as entertainment, but it is certainly something that really can’t be controlled by any of the players on the field. This one is all about having a hunch and feeling lucky. It’s also a fun way to start of the betting, as everyone will be watching that coin dangling in the air with great anticipation.

How Long Will the National Anthem Be?

The Super Bowl 55 national anthem is a bit of an anomaly because it will be a duet between Jazmine Sullivan and Eric Church. Because of that, you might expect it to be a bit longer than two minutes, as each will need time to stand out. Just make sure to have the stopwatch on your phone handy so you can see which side wins.

Will Any of the Halftime Performers Have to Be Censored?

There are many different ways that you can speculate on the Super Bowl 55 halftime show, which will be highlighted by The Weeknd. We admit that trying to figure out whether or not he or one of his guests will say or sing something that causes the audio to be cut out is a little off the beaten path. But it’s a pretty good 50/50 bet, which is ideal for a two-option Super Bowl 55 prop bet.

How Many Commercials Will Feature Dogs?

Now more than ever, we need the uncomplicated joy of seeing a dog rumbling around doing something funny or adorable on screen. We expect advertisers for Super Bowl 55 to feel the same way, which is why the over is a good play here. In any case, imagine how fun it will be when everyone either cheers or groans when a puppy appears on screen.

Will the Gatorade Be Poured on the Winning Coach Before or After the Game Is Over?

This one is kind of in limbo between entertainment and sports, but it’s too much fun not to include. Basically, if you think the game will be a blowout, you should pick the before, since the players won’t be able to do until after the outcome is clearly decided. Check out our multiple-choice Super Bowl 55 bets to see another way to speculate on the traditional couch-dousing in a different way.

Multiple Choice Super Bowl 55 Prop Bets

The lure behind doing the Super Bowl 55 is that you can raise the pot slightly higher for the winner. For example, if you have a bet with four different possibilities, four people can each take a side and put that much more into the pot. You could make it a winner-take-all situation.

Here are just a few of the ideas for possible multiple-choice Super Bowl 55 props. We limited them to four choices each, but you can easily extend to eight of higher with some creativity if you wish.

  • Which Position Will Win the Super Bowl 55 MVP?
    • Quarterback
    • Running Back
    • Wide Receiver or Tight End
    • Other
  • What Will Be the First Score of the Game Be?
    • Kansas City touchdown
    • Tampa Bay touchdown
    • Field goal by either team
    • Either
  • What Will Be the Uniform Number of the First Player to Get a Penalty?
    • 1-25
    • 25-49
    • 50-74
    • 75-99
  • How Many Touchdown Passes Will Tom Brady Throw?
    • 0
    • 1
    • 2
    • 3 or more
  • What Will the Color of the Gatorade Poured on the Winning Coach Be?
    • Red or Pink
    • Yellow or Green
    • Blue or Purple
    • Clear

Which Position Will Win the Super Bowl 55 MVP?

Quarterbacks normally win the MVP; they’ve done it in the 30 of the 54 Super Bowl games held so far. But this feels like a year where a wide receiver or even a tight end (for the first time) could get it done. That’s the direction we would go if we were faced with this choice.

What Will Be the First Score of the Game Be?

In a game like the Super Bowl, where nerves can play apart, it often takes the offense a while to get settled. It seems likely that the first score could be on a field goal after one offense stalls in the red zone. Keep in mind that you change up this bet in a number of ways, such as last score, first score of the second half, and so on.

What Will Be the Uniform Number of the First Player to Get a Penalty?

Most penalties in football take place at the line of scrimmage. By taking numbers #75 to #99, you can cover a larger percentage of the offensive and defensive linemen on both teams. We wouldn’t suggest taking #1 to #24 if you have the choice, although certainly anything could happen.

How Many Touchdown Passes Will Tom Brady Throw?

Brady is coming off a rough second half of the NFC Championship Game, where he threw three interceptions. But he usually saves his best efforts for the Super Bowl. That’s why we think that three or more is probably the safest plays out of the options at your disposal.

What Will the Color of the Gatorade Poured on the Winning Coach Be?

This bet is a reminder that you should try to have fun with your Super Bowl prop bets, even if there is a good deal of money at stake.

Since red or pink Gatorade would come closest to matching their uniforms, that’s what we think we’ll see coming out of that container on Super Bowl Sunday.


We hope that you take these printable Super Bowl 55 props and use them to make this Sunday’s game that more exciting for you and your friends. And don’t be afraid to come up with props of your own if you can think of them. The end result will be a lot of enjoyment and, for some, a lot of winning too.

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