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NaVi vs. MIBR Betting Predictions – Odds, Picks and Value


Pick: NaVi to Win

Odds: -182

$100 Could Win You…$154.95

Well, I don’t know what to say, guys. We’ve predicted one upset, but missed two bets which I thought were almost guaranteed wins. BLAST Premier Spring group stage has been one big upset right from the very start. Here’s hoping our NaVi vs. MIBR predictions don’t fall into the same trap; here’s hoping S1mple and the boys have learned something from their peers’ mistakes and will come into this match with guns blazing on all fronts!

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NaVi vs. MIBR Betting Predictions

There’s no point in talking about the latest head to head matches between these two. There’s no point in comparing their individual brilliance or their map pool stats for that matter. How come? Well, this is the first time NaVi is going up against the new MIBR roster.

But, what are we going to base our NaVi vs. MIBR predictions around, then?

No worries, we’ve kept all the standard sections but won’t make any direct comparisons. How will that be of any relevance for your CSGO betting endeavors? Well, continue reading and you might just find out!

Map Depth

It’s difficult to compare these two teams in terms of their respective map pool depth. On one end, we have Natus Vincere which are rather simple. Just give them stuff like Nuke and Dust 2 and you can be sure they’ll deliver a top-notch performance.

However, we can’t really say much about MIBR’s map pool because, well, we haven’t seen them play that much. This new roster, ex-BOOM Esports, has a lot of ground to cover to become relevant on the international stage. There’s potential (you’ll hear me say that over and over again, for sure), but they’re far from being an actual threat in the upper sphere of international CSGO. We know for a fact they’re good on Dust 2 and Mirage, but once again, they haven’t played against any top-tier teams recently, so I’m afraid we can only guess their options at this point.

Form and Expectations

As stated earlier, we haven’t seen much of MIBR’s brand-new roster yet. They’ve participated on CS_Summit 7 last month and made a proper mess out of that whole adventure. They failed to get out of the group stage. More precisely, they failed to clinch the playoffs from the last chance stage and got only one win in the entire tournament… against struggling Faze Clan, of all teams.

NaVi, on the other hand, has been the most consistent team last year (feel like I’ve been repeating myself way too much), and have kickstarted this year with a major title.

Finally, some will say. S1mple rose to the occasion just like the rest of the NaVi boys, and I’m positive they’ll be fancying their chances here. Come to think of it, they might even use this event as a chance to snowball for the upcoming IEM Katowice World Championship. If that’s the case, I wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end of the server, that’s for sure!

Roster Strengths

S1mple, S1mple, S1mple… tomorrow’s match is going to be all about S1mple, mark my words! Sure, Perfecto and Electronic are coming up in the world (form-wise) too, B1t has been a valuable asset as well… but at the end of the day, S1mple is the one who dictates the tempo and makes stuff happen.

MIBR’s new roster (ex-Boom Esports) has potential, that’s for sure… but they’re nowhere near the level of the CIS champions! Perhaps I’m wrong, perhaps their CS_Summit 7 performance was a one-off thing; perhaps they’re going to bounce back and surprise everyone…

But, come on, what are the chances of that actually happening? I know this event has been packed with surprises left and right, but there’s no way we see anything else than a strong 2:0 win by Natus Vincere. That said, I think you already know what my NaVi vs. MIBR predictions are all about:

NaVi vs. MIBR Picks

NaVi to win at 2:0 might seem too risky at first, especially if you look back at the map pool stats above… but hear me out! NaVi is a team that’s not that upset-friendly. Plus, they must’ve learned something from Astralis’, G2’s, and Vitality’s mishaps.

They won’t come into this match underestimating the Brazilians. MIBR has a new roster, a potent one for that matter, but it’s way too early in their “life cycle” for a proper upset here. They could snatch a map, it’s not impossible, but I doubt it’s going to happen if S1mple has any say in the whole ordeal.

This is it as far as our NaVi vs. MIBR picks are concerned! Whether you’re interested in just this matchup or in betting on BLAST Premier Spring in general, I’m sure you’ve found this piece informative and packed with important insight.

That’d be all for today folks!

No worries, we’ll be back tomorrow with another set of BLAST Premier Spring group C betting predictions.

Till then – fingers crossed you get some green in your betting bankroll!

NaVi vs MIBR – NaVi (-182)

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