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BIG vs. OG Betting Predictions – Odds, Picks and Value


$100 Could Win You…$144.84

It’s BIG vs. OG again, boys and girls! This is their second head-to-head match, having already squared off during the BLAST Premier Spring group stage. The Germans took the win with 2:0 on Inferno and Dust 2, but we have to point out that OG stood their ground on both maps.

BIG vs. OG predictions is probably what you’re here for, so let’s stop beating around the bushes and focus on valuable esports betting info!

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BIG vs. OG Betting Predictions

Let’s address the elephant in the room right away; OG are yet to announce their fifth man. As you may have heard by now, they’ve kicked NBK from the starting roster in late February. A week later, still no announcement. They have several options, but the most likely one seems Heroic niko. He just got benched, so it’s a great opportunity for OG to bolster their roster ahead of such a massive event.

No matter who they end up going with, settling in and performing at a pretty big event won’t come easy. OG are in a difficult group but, even though they’re labeled as playoff contestants, they’re going to need that fifth man to put on a proper show to advance through to the next stage.

But, let’s not make too many assumptions before even starting the discussion regarding our in-depth BIG vs. OG predictions!

Latest Matches

OG have won just two matches in their last seven outings, one of which was the above-mentioned 2:0 loss to BIG. Truth be told, the quality of their opponents is through the roof. Vitality, Liquid, Astralis, BIG – some of the strongest teams in the world. They did win against Cloud9 and Fnatic, both on the recently finished IEM XV World Championship, though that didn’t matter much in the end. Heck, that’s what prompted the roster alteration involving NBK.

BIG, on the other hand, have three losses in their last seven outings. Since the start of the year, they’ve played fifteen matches, six of which ended in losses.

Two of those were against Team Spirit – BIG just can’t deal with sh1ro’s wrath, can they?

Neither team is on point form-wise. Both showcased poor displays on IEM XV World Championship, but BIG didn’t resort to a roster alteration. OG, on the other hand, had gone that route… and it could very easily turn around and bite them in the a**. There’s just too little time for them to properly sync up with their fifth man… and it ought to show against next Monday.

Map Depth

Obviously, we won’t be basing our BIG vs. OG predictions on teams’ map pool stats. Why is that so? Well, OG lack the fifth player and his map pool will greatly affect how they come into this one. His positional strengths (and weaknesses) are of crucial importance and the fact that we don’t know who that player is going to be leaves us in a tricky situation here.

As for BIG, we do know Vertigo is their key map. That’s what they’ll hope to snatch, but OG are probably going to ban it early on. They haven’t been that consistent on other maps, so we could very easily go to the decider here… although, I don’t think that’s what we’ll conclude our BIG vs. OG picks with.

Roster Strengths

As stated earlier, OG lacks the fifth man. NBK’s form was pretty awful, hence the kick, but they’ll need someone with enough dueling ability and impeccable game sense to properly fit the position. Aleksib is a brilliant IGL, valde and mantuu are superb fraggers… OG just needs that special all-arounder to help them with long-term consistency.

What about BIG? Well, there’s nothing new in this department. The Germans still feature the same old roster with SyrsoN as the key figure. The brilliant AWPer is still running the show for BIG, with the likes of TabseN and XANTARES following in his footsteps.

It only takes a spark to put the fire to BIG’s fume, and OG must be well-aware of it. Their roster is packed with talent – if they get things running in the first half, they’re almost impossible to stop.

And that’s basically what I hope will happen next Monday. That’s right, I’m going with the following:

BIG vs. OG Picks

At -223, you won’t get the biggest return with this one… However, it’s still solid value considering the risk factor involving OG’s fifth man. There aren’t that many good free agents in the EU. Top 20 benches aren’t packed with talents… Niko seems like the ideal go-to replacement, but with G2 benching KennyS, could we see the French sniper sign for OG and form one of the weirdest CSGO rosters of all time?

It’d definitely be a sensational story, though I doubt it’d have any effect on this matchup. The Germans will snatch the victory on Monday, the stakes are just too high for them to fail.

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