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Why Do Online Slots Developers Love Ancient Egypt-Themed Slots?


Online slots developers are fully aware that players like a variety of games. Therefore, they provide numerous options regarding themes.

African safaris, Greek gods, and the Wild West are just some of the most common slots themes. You’ll find lots of other themes throughout mobile gaming as well.

However, no theme is more common in the online casino world than Ancient Egypt. Numerous slots are based on everything from Cleopatra to Anubis.

But why do online slots developers like taking inspiration from Ancient Egypt so much? You can find out why by reading more on Ancient Egypt slots, popular games, and what makes them so beloved.

Common Elements in Egyptian Mobile Slots

Software developers take great care to ensure that their games are different from the pack. After all, nobody wants to be accused of ripping off their competition.

However, so many ancient Egyptian slots exist that it’s hard not to overlap. As a result, you’ll see many common elements among these games.

For starters, the same characters appear again and again in these slots. Cleopatra is by far the most-popular female in the gaming world. She has starred in dozens of online slots over the years.

Anubis is another commonality in Egyptian slots. The god of death and afterlife stars in games by himself and appears as prominent symbols (e.g. scatter) in many others.

Some of the stereotypical symbols that appear in these games include ankhs, pharaohs, scarabs and the Eye of Horus.

Egyptian games also have the same settings in many cases too. The Great Pyramids, Cleopatra’s palace (Antirhodos), or pharaoh’s tombs are commonly seen in slots’ backgrounds.

The music also sounds the same in lots of these games. You’ll hear slow Ancient Egyptian-inspired beats with heavy flute notes.

Popular Egyptian Online Slots

You don’t need to look far to find online slots that are based on Ancient Egypt. I could probably make a top 100 list of these games. However, I’ll cut it down to just a few options below.


Produced by IGT, this five-reel, 20-payline slot launched well over a decade ago. However, it’s still one of the more popular Egyptian slots today.

Cleopatra slots retain popularity thanks to its timeless look and simple structure. You can get started with this game in no time due to its basic gameplay.

This slot provides wins worth up to 10,000x your line stake. Cleopatra also offers the chance to retrigger up to 180 free spins per bonus round.

Book of Ra

Another classic, Book of Ra is a five-reel, nine-payline slot from Novomatic. It revolves around an Indiana Jones lookalike who ventures to Egypt in search of the Book of Ra.

This slot is one of the first to introduce expanding wilds, which expand to fill their respective reels. The expanding wilds are available during free spins.

Book of Ra is so popular that it spawned a “Deluxe” version. The latter offers one more payline along with more polished graphics.

Rich Wilde and the Book of Dead

Play’n GO ignited some controversy when they released Rich Wilde and the Book of Dead in 2016. After all, this game has the same storyline, setup (five reels, 10 paylines), and features (expanding wilds) as Book of Ra Deluxe.

Many players have looked past the near-copyright, though, to make this a very popular game. Book of Dead features high-quality graphics and a fun concept that reverberates with many gamblers.

Rich Wilde has since gone on to experience many other adventures. His daughter, Cat Wilde, is the new star of the series while her dad has seemingly retired.

Dawn of Egypt

Another Play’n GO slot, Dawn of Egypt centers on the Falcon God, Horus. It offers a visually impressive take on the God of Sky along with exciting features.

Dawn of Egypt’s features include free spins, scatter payouts, and Pyramid Spins. The latter are another version of free spins that offer more potential wild symbols.

Why Do Developers Make So Many Ancient Egypt Slots?

Every real money online casino offers at least a few Egyptian-based games. You may wonder why these slots are so popular among casinos and developers. Here are the biggest reasons behind why these games keep cropping up year after year.

Players Love Them

Software developers don’t waste time making games that gamblers dislike. Instead, they focus on pleasing customers and keeping them coming back.

Egypt slots have proven to be extremely popular throughout the decades. From the 1990s—the earliest days of online casinos—until now, Egyptian-inspired slots continue gracing online gambling sites.

Proven Entity

Slot game developers must innovate to stay relevant. They can’t just roll out the same themes again and again and expect to retain customers.

Of course, software providers also take the risk of venturing into uncharted territory. Therefore, they go back to the staples quite often.

Egypt is the most proven entity in the gaming world. As long as a developer makes solid games, they can usually count on drawing players with these slots.

Of course, this isn’t to say that bad Egyptian games aren’t possible. But software providers are more likely to experience success when making games based on proven subjects.

Known Characters

Play’n GO has had a tremendous amount of success with the Rich Wilde series. Rich Wilde is an adventurer who plunders Egyptian tombs in search of treasure. This developer has done so well with Rich that they’ve even started making games based on his daughter, Cat Wilde.

For every success story like this, though, there are plenty of new characters who don’t pan out. Much like experimenting with new themes, rolling out original characters is a huge risk.

Slots providers boost their chances of success by focusing on common faces. Cleopatra and King Tut are perfect examples of this fact.

Cleopatra is one of the most famous historical figures of all time. The Queen of the Nile seduced Julius Caesar and led Egypt to one of its most prosperous periods.

King Tutankhamun ordered traditional Egyptian art and religion to be restored. He also oversaw the building of many temples and statues that honored the nation’s old gods.

Ancient Egyptian-Inspired Slots Are Progressing

If you follow new slots releases, you may roll your eyes at games based on Ancient Egypt. After all, too many of these games exist to even count.

The good news, though, is that developers fully realize the need to keep innovating. They don’t just roll out the same five-reel slots based on Cleopatra again and again.

Instead, they provide new wrinkles to familiar subjects. A Night with Cleo, for example, sees you play a game of strip poker with Cleopatra during the “gamble” feature.

Ramses’ Revenge is another innovative slot that covers this genre. It features small cartoonish symbols along with interesting features, such as one where Ramses eats tomb robbers and creates larger win multipliers.

The Egyptian concept will never be anything new. But slots developers have proven that they’ll find fresh ways to present this topic.

Ancient Egyptian Slots Will Remain Popular for Years to Come

Given that they’ve been around for decades, Ancient Egyptian slots might seem like they’ve served their usefulness. Going further, it seems like they’ll lose popularity at some point.

However, this just doesn’t seem to be the case. Ancient Egypt-inspired slots don’t show any signs of slowing down. Game providers keep pumping these slots out month after month.

Again, Ancient Egypt slots may draw eye rolls, but you shouldn’t overlook these slots based on their themes alone. Many of them offer unique angles on the matter.


Egypt is the land of pyramids, pharaohs, queens, the Sahara Desert, and the Nile River. It’s also the most popular subject among slots developers.

You can see why software providers love this theme so much. They can capitalize on familiar icons (e.g. Cleopatra, King Tut) and a proven entity that draws players again and again.

Of course, not all slots based on Ancient Egypt are winners. Some can still feel cliché due to their symbols, music, and theme.

But developers have largely done a good job of presenting this genre in fresh ways. In summary, don’t expect Ancient Egypt slots to slow down any time soon.

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