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LCS Mid-Season Showdown Preview and Betting Tips


Less than 24 hours separate us from the first bo5 of the highly anticipated LCS Mid-Season Showdown! TSM vs. Liquid is the match that kickstarts the campaign, one that’ll definitely echo throughout the entire LoL community across the globe. But, let’s back up for a moment and sort the basics out.

For starters, what is LCS Mid-Season Showdown?

Don’t let the fancy name fool you, it’s basically Spring Split Playoffs but with a different name. Everything is the same, the format, the match type, the seeds – we’re talking about a nearly identical contest here. I’m sure you know how much betting demand bookies used to have for LCS Spring/Summer playoffs… No worries, betting on LCS Mid- Season Showdown is going to follow in the same footsteps.

One day until the 2021 Mid-Season Showdown #LCS

— LCS (@LCSOfficial) March 19, 2021

Where to Bet on LCS Mid-Season Showdown?

Thus far, 2021 has been a crazy year for esports betting enthusiasts! But then again, what else were we expecting following a chaos-packed 2020?

There’s a lot of turmoil out there on the esports betting market too. Old bookies losing their grasp on things, new names joining the show, and stealing away precious customers… It’s a merciless battleground out there, one we wouldn’t want you to end up in the middle of.

That said, here are the best esports betting platforms that offer betting on LCS Mid-Season Showdown:

What makes these bookies the best options for betting on LCS Mid-Season Showdown 2021? Well, a whole number of things! For starters, if you’re just looking for a great esports betting online experience, there’s really no need to look any further than these reputable all-arounders.

They offer the latest and greatest in customer satisfaction, including perks like generous bonuses, low profit margins, betting on the fly, and quality customer support. Of course, they all feature a wide array of League of Legends betting opportunities. Seeing as we’re focusing on such a major LoL event here, it’s only logical to emphasize their betting variety.

2021 LCS Mid-Season Showdown Preview

  • The all-new season of LCS has brought forth numerous changes. The Mid-Season Showdown is one of them; a short bo5 event that’s replacing the “old” Spring Split Playoffs.
  • The winner of this contest is going to crowned as the spring split champions and will also represent the LCS at the annual Mid-season Invitational this May in Reykjavik.
  • 2021 LCS Mid-Season starts on March 20th with Liquid vs. TSM clash, followed by C9 vs. 100T the very next day.
  • The contest features a simple double-elimination bracket with the top four starting from the semifinals, and fifth/sixth-place teams starting from the first round of the lower bracket.

Most Notable Clashes

  • Team SoloMid vs. Team Liquid – Saturday 4 PM PT
  • Cloud9 vs. 100 Thieves – Sunday 4 PM PT

These are the semifinal Bo5 clashes you can bet on right away! Let’s take a closer look at the odds real fast before going deeper into the details regarding both matchups:

TSM v Liquid

LCS Mid-Season Showdown

Cloud9 vs. 100T

LCS Mid-Season Showdown

If you’re interested in betting on LCS Mid-Season Showdown 2021, here’s a quick 101 on the opening-round bo5s!

Liquid vs. Team SoloMid Predictions

This is the opening match of the event… and it’s a real shocker, that I can tell you right away! Even though TSM defeated Liquid in the regular season, LoL betting sites still favor them because we’re talking about a bo5 contest here. The stakes here are much higher too, and consistency, as well as counterplays, mean a lot more than they do in bo1s.

Even though Liquid are the favorites here, they might easily lose bottom lane tomorrow. Tactical’s poor, burnout-driven, performances over the last few weeks could deal a significant blow to Liquid’s chances here. True, against a team like TSM, Liquid can (and probably will have to) play through their top and mid laners… though that might not be the ideal solution in case of a Cloud9 clash later on. I’m not belittling Alphari and Jensen here, I’m just stating the obvious.

As for the outcome, it all depends on the bottom lane, really. A match-winner isn’t something I’d go with here if I were you, no matter which team you’re leaning towards. Instead, over 4.5 seems like the best alternative… though the odds aren’t that good. Still, if you’re into accumulators/parlays, it might be a worthwhile investment!

C9 vs. 100T Predictions

The second match might not turn out to be as thrilling as the first one, but it still has its charm. I mean, it’s Cloud9 playing here, what’s not to like? Not only that – they are going up against 100 Thieves of all teams. Remember the last time these two faced off in a proper series? Lock-in event was the occasion; the semifinal bo5 reverse sweep, courtesy of C9, is going down in history books as one of the most remarkable series in LCS history. Are we in for more of the same?

Well, I honestly doubt it. You see, since that splendid reverse sweep, C9 and 100T went in totally different directions. C9 failed to win the Lock-In event, that’s true. However, they finished at the top of the league after regular season whereas 100T were bordering on lower bracket playoffs treatment.

This particular matchup has only one winner and it’s Cloud9. I know that reverse sweep was good and all, but I’m confident Perkz and the boys will do a much quicker job with 100T on Sunday. There’s no way they fail to reach the winners’ finals, so if you’re going to bet on LCS Mid-Season Showdown, -345 on Cloud9 seems fair enough for a medium-stake single.

With that in mind, if the favorites do go through, we’re going to be in for proper LB treats…. And we’re not just talking about LB round 1 but round 2 and finals too. LCS Spring Split Playoffs were always outstanding in terms of thrilling contests… let’s hope the all-new LCS Mid-Season Showdown brings forth more of the same!

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