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The 10 Best Casinos South of the Equator


When you think of casino gambling, odds are your imagination conjures up images of the Las Vegas Strip or the Macau Harbor. The big-time dreamers could jet off to the beautiful casinos of the French Riviera.

However, some of the most impressive casinos on the planet exist in the Southern Hemisphere. South America, Australia, and South Africa all provide excellent casino gambling options.

The 10 best casinos to the south of the equator will leave you wanting to come back again and again. Which casino will be your next casino adventure destination?

1 – Casino Buenos Aires

Casino Buenos Aires is a very unique type of casino. First of all, the casino is split into two sizable ships.

These two ships, the Princess Ship and the Star of Fortune Ship, combine to make a massive casino complex. The casino has everything players could hope for, and these fabulous amenities are available 24/7.

The Princess and Fortune come together to provide casino patrons with over 1,400 slot machines and 120 table games. You’ll never have trouble finding the perfect match at Casino Buenos Aires.

Interestingly, you’ll find tables that play different currencies. Most tables are played using the Argentine peso.

Here, players buy chips and play games in the peso. However, you’ll also find many areas of the casino where players may buy-in and gamble using US dollars.

Factor in the number of games, fabulous 24/7 amenities, and the variety of currencies you’re able to play, and Casino Buenos Aires is no question a top casino in the Southern Hemisphere.

2 – SkyCity Auckland

SkyCity has a monopoly on casino gambling in New Zealand’s most populous city. In fact, Auckland has over 1.45 million residents. That’s over 1 million ahead of second place in terms of people.

SkyCity sits at the base of Auckland’s famous Sky Tower. 

The casino itself is quite large and has a vast array of gaming options. Players are greeted by over 1,600 slot machines, and all of the most popular titles are available.

The table games are also well-represented. SkyCity has 100 table games, and players can find casino games like blackjack, roulette, and baccarat.

The casino also has a fantastic esports auditorium where sports bettors may watch the action and lay wagers on the action.

SkyCity also provides high roller areas for slot players and table games.

Auckland is a gorgeous city, and SkyCity provides an added bit of motivation for casino gamblers to make the trip south of the equator.

3 – Crown Melbourne

Crown Melbourne is an enormous gaming complex situated on the banks of the Yarra River in Australia. 

Crown Melbourne is not only one of the most generous casinos on the planet but it’s also the largest casino in the Southern Hemisphere.

The proper has a whopping 3,500 slot machines. And these machines range from penny slots to high-limit slots and feature all of the most popular games.

There are over a hundred table games, and the casino offers over 18 different games. The casino favorites like blackjack, baccarat, and roulette are abundant.

Crown Melbourne also has many of the newer games that you’d expect at a Las Vegas casino. Pai Gow Poker, Casino War, and Mississippi Stud are well represented in the Australian casino.

The casino property features luxe retail shopping, fine dining options, and several hotels. Crown Melbourne offers everything you’d hope to find in one of the premier casinos because it is a premier casino.

4 – Montecasino

Montecasino is one of South Africa’s leading casino resorts. It’s also the top entertainment venue in Johannesburg.

The casino is designed to mimic a rustic Italian village. The property pulls it off to near perfection, and guests are the beneficiaries of the effort.

You can wander the cobblestone streets where the smallest details have been meticulously reconstructed.

Still, as unique as the scene has been recreated, you’re here for casino gambling. Montecasino has nearly 1,900 slot machines on its casino floor.

These games come in every shape, size, and denomination imaginable. The 70+ table games provide the full selection of casino games that card players demand.

Guests can enjoy several dining options, shopping, an arcade, a movie theater, and two theaters. You’ll never be bored at Montecasino.

5 – Casino du Sud

The small Reunion Island is not the typical casino gambling destination. In fact, some of you may have had to make a quick internet search to find the tucked-away island off the coast of Madagascar.

However, the region has many adequate casinos in a gorgeous setting. Casino du Sud stands out as the number one casino in the area from a pure gaming standpoint.

The casino offers a modest selection of 80 slot machines, but you’ll be sure to find a game that you fall in love with.

And the handful of table games come with player-friendly rules. So, you’ll be on the tables longer and ultimately have more fun.

Reunion Island is as close to paradise on Earth as I have found in my travels. This beautiful locale offers all of the outdoor activities you could ever wish for and more.

6 – Sun City Resort

Sun City Casino in South Africa is a true inspiration. The magnificent property has some of the finest amenities and landscape on the entire continent.

Sun City has everything to help relax and unwind, from a private lagoon for swimming to daily safaris hosted by expert guides while having your personal adventure.

Players can make their home on over 40 table games where the usual suspects are all in play. Slots machines are available in your favorite games as well.

Sun City casino has both smoking and non-smoking options for players. 

I can guarantee that you’ll never forget a trip to Sun City Resort.

7 – The Reef

The Reef is one of Australia’s more budget-friendly casino resorts. While the casino may be easy on the wallet, it remains one of Australia’s best casinos.

Players have over 500 different slot machines to feverishly spin in hopes of hitting one of the large progressive jackpots. These jackpots can grow to significant levels, but it’s the table games that shine at The Reef.

The Reef offers some of the best rules available in the country, and it’s not afraid to promote new games. Rapid Roulette is one of the hottest games in the casino, and the action at the tables is electric.

Poker players from around Australia flock to The Reef for their lucrative poker tournaments. Casual players can find games and tournaments seven days a week.

The Reef gives fabulous player rewards, and the regular promotions can really ramp up the wins. 

8 – GrandWest Casino

GrandWest Casino is the gambling jewel of Cape Town. With so many excellent choices in South Africa, GrandWest is often overlooked.

You shouldn’t sleep on this phenomenal casino resort.

The property has over 1,800 slot machines. Many of these games are attached to a vast network of progressive slots.

These jackpots are regularly climbing over the 1 million South African rand-mark. 

GrandWest also has over 50 exceptional table games. You’ll find blackjack, baccarat, and many more beautiful games.

The casino offers all of the gaming you could hope for, but there are more than mere casino games awaiting your arrival.

The property provides some of the most fantastic shopping and dining options in South Africa. A casino gambling trip to South Africa is the type of vacation that makes the hard work that got you there worth the effort.

9 – Wrest Point

Wrest Point casino in Australia is a fantastic bargain. For the money, you’ll have a hard time finding a better casino south of the equator.

Players love Wrest Point for the inexpensive rooms and great games. Blackjack tables start at only $5 per hand on some nights.

So, you’ll be able to stretch that bankroll even further when playing at Wrest Point.

The poker room stays full, and the house rake of 10% is only on pots that go over $20. Wrest Point also hosts several poker tournaments during the week.

These tournaments are a great way to stretch a small entry fee into hours of entertainment.

Of course, the property offers a ton of electronic gaming machines. Many games start at only $0.01 per spin, which further adds to the values you’ll get here.

Wrest Point is the oldest Australian casino still in operation, so you should expect a slightly vintage feel. However, the casino offers fantastic benefits for the player and definitely belongs among the Southern Hemisphere’s best casinos.

10 – Sibaya Casino

Situated near the vast Indian Ocean’s shores, the Sibaya Casino in Durban is among the finest casinos in South Africa.

This beautiful casino has 1,300 slot machines and has all of the popular progressive jackpot games. Players will also be able to enjoy their casino favorites at over 50 gaming tables.

Sibaya also has several high roller and VIP areas where the stakes are high, but so are the rewards.


The next time you begin planning your casino gambling vacation, consider heading south. The 10 best casinos south of the equator provide exciting gaming action in exotic locales.

You may travel for the casinos, but you’ll return with a new found appreciation of the beauty and wonder of these fabulous destinations. Bonus points if you travel during North America’s winter season because you’ll be enjoying the fantastic summers in the Southern Hemisphere.

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