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9 Things You’re Not Doing Right on the Casino Floor


In the casino, you’re living in the moment. However, once a moment passes, it’s gone forever.

You can’t press the reset button or rewind to cover up the giant mistake you made on the previous bet. So, it is imperative that you are consistently focused on the task at hand.

Casino games are based on chance more than skill, with the apparent exception of poker. Still, many of the games can be much easier on the wallet when skill is implemented.

Sometimes casino gambling can be as much about what you’re not doing as what you are doing. Here are 9 things you’re not doing right on the casino floor.

1 – Making Big Bets Immediately

One thing I watch people do regularly is walk in and immediately start making large bets. Often, I’ll run into these defeated gamblers in the bars drowning their sorrows after blowing their bankroll.

Casino gambling is entertainment first and foremost. That makes the primary objective to play on the casino floor as long as possible.

Occasionally, you’ll be able to stick around long enough to catch a lucky streak and walk away with a little extra cash. However, if you immediately start betting a significant portion of your bankroll, you’ll quickly find yourself on the sidelines.

I understand the sudden pop of adrenaline from stepping into a casino. My hands used to begin shaking as soon as I hit the parking lot.

Control the urge to jump right into the games. Instead, you’ll be better off by starting with as small of a wager as possible until you settle down.

Then you may begin to up the ante, so to speak.

2 – Skipping the Player’s Card

I have been guilty of this more times than I care to admit. I stroll through the casino doors and am immediately stopped by the player’s card crew trying to get me to sign-up.

Yeah, hard pass. Right?


I can’t calculate all of the money I’ve thrown out the window by not joining casino loyalty programs.

These loyalty programs don’t track how much you win or lose. The focus of earning comps is based on your average bet amount, the expectation of the games you play, and how long you play for each session.

You’ll rack up fantastic perks much more quickly than you might imagine. Free meals and other smaller items will accumulate very fast.

The more enticing comps like free room stays and trips are going to take a little more work. Still, if the casino can see how much you’re gambling, they’re more likely to bump you up to the next level.

Every dollar saved on a casino vacation is one more dollar in the bankroll. So, sign up for the player card and maximize your gambling dollars.

3 – Avoiding Regular Breaks

It’s effortless to lose track of time in the casino. The massive halls are designed to make time go out the window, not that there are any windows in most casinos.

The casino wants to keep butts in seats. If you’re distracted by knowing what time it is or even what day it may be, you may decide to take a break.

I cannot stress the importance of taking a break at regular intervals while on the casino floor. Setting a timer on your phone or watch will keep you honest.

You don’t have to quit for the day when you breakaway. A simple 20-minute walk around the casino can clear your mind.

You may decide to head back into the casino for some more fun after a break. Or you could choose to save yourself for the day and hit the spa or pool.

Regardless, it will be your conscious decision. This clear thinking can be complex on the casino floor.

4 – Carrying Too Much Cash

I have friends that would regularly walk into the casino with every dollar they had when we were in our twenties.

Few things are as dangerous in the casino as carrying more money than you can afford to lose. Casino games are designed to get us heavily invested emotionally.

This investment leads to pouring cash into the machine or onto the table without much prior thought. Only carry the money that you plan to lose in the casino.

It’s also critical that you only gamble with the money you carry in with you. You should never head to the ATM or borrow money from friends in the casino.

Get your bankroll management in order, and you’ll never have to worry about this again.

5 – Arriving Totally Unprepared

It’s 2021; why in the world would you step onto a casino floor without being totally prepared to play the games?

You have an unlimited supply of completely free gambling resources online or on your smartphone to learn and play any casino game effectively.

Not only can you play the games with any variety of rules. You’ll find it in the casino anytime and anywhere you prefer with your mobile device, but the casinos offer free classes.

These free classes incorporate real dealers, and you’ll learn on the actual tables. These classes are great as a refresher, but I recommend doing the work before you arrive.

You’ve got a finite amount of vacation time; you should use it playing games, not learning them. Still, as a last resort, the free casino classes are excellent.

6 – Ignoring Video Poker

An overwhelming majority of casino gamblers completely ignore video poker. Perhaps most of you are unaware that video poker offers the lowest house edge in the casino.

Most video poker variations come in as low as 0.5%. The most suitable games can be as low as 0% house edge with the correct strategy.

Video poker machines are usually located around the casino bars and in the sportsbooks, so you’ll need to hunt for one.

Still, the rewards can be great as you gamble for hours without seeing any hits to your bankroll. For the best chances, you’ll always want to play for max credits.

7 – Treating Your Body Poorly

People tend to take the phrase Sin City to excess. I’ve already covered how important taking breaks are, but treating your body poorly, in general, is essential to playing your best.

Sleep and food are vital to staying at your best on the casino floor. Use your breaks to have meals during your gambling sessions.

Most casinos are equipped with a range of dining options, from quick bites to fine dining. Explore the culinary treats the casino has, and you’ll be much more prepared to gamble at your best.

You’ll also need to limit the complimentary drinks to a minimum. It’s not an oversight that the casinos are handing out complimentary alcoholic beverages.

Alcohol will lower our inhibitions and loosen our grip on the wallet. I’ve seen many casino gamblers start off playing $10 per hand. Within a couple of hours and several drinks, they are throwing $100 chips to everyone at the table.

I witnessed one man tip a dealer over $800 on a low limit table and saw the same man passed out on a restaurant bar an hour later. It was before 3 pm on a Thursday.

Take care of yourself on the casino floor. The casino wants you to have a safe stay but won’t discourage a bit of reckless gambling.

8 – Playing Games You Don’t Enjoy

Stop playing games you hate. It makes everyone at the table almost as miserable as you.

Casino gambling is a lot of fun. That’s why so many people happily exchange their hard-earned money for the privilege.

If you can’t stand the game you’re playing, go find another game. I’ve already covered how to learn a new game before you ever get to the casino.

Perhaps you are a fan of the house edge of a particular game and nothing more. You can find several games with a very close house advantage.

If you can’t find a single casino game that you enjoy, likely, casino gambling isn’t your cup of tea. I’d suggest finding a new hobby, something that you want.

9 – Gambling By Yourself

I won’t tell you to never go to the casino alone. I have made numerous solo trips around the world and enjoyed each of them.

I spent years heading to the casinos alone for sessions in the poker room.

However, casino gambling, by its nature, is a highly social affair. Making friendly conversation at the poker table can be easy, but also not the point.

On the blackjack table, nonchalant chit chat s much more favorable. Yet, it can be complicated to come by at times.

You should always take a friend along to the casino. Having someone that’s in your corner can be extremely comforting.

Casino floors can get lonely, and having a confidant to unload on will be invaluable. Plus, it’s incredible to share some significant wins with people you know well.


Casino gambling can be tough on us mentally and physically. Address these 9 things you’re not doing right on the casino floor, and you’ll see an immediate improvement in your overall casino experience.

Not only are these 9 tips designed to have you feeling better, but they’ll also keep more money in your pockets.

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