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We Won’t Be Seeing North Korea at the Tokyo Olympics


Countries around the world are still trying to make preparations for the upcoming Olympic Games. Many still have concerns about the danger this event could pose. New reports claim that we won’t be seeing North Korea at the Tokyo Olympics.

Officials in North Korea seem to feel that this event poses too big of a risk. Today, we’ll discuss what the country’s departure from the Games means. We’ll also check out some of the odds being offered for the Tokyo Olympics.

Let’s get into it!

Safety Questions Still Linger Over the Tokyo Olympic Games

Back in March of 2020, the IOC and members of Japan’s government were forced to officially postpone the Summer Olympic Games. This had never happened in the past for any reason other than a major war. It became clear that this event could not take place and event organizers have been trying to figure out a way to safely hold the Games in 2021 ever since.

There are only a few months remaining until the Tokyo Olympics are scheduled to begin. Interestingly, a huge number of safety questions still linger over this event. Many health experts are concerned about the risks this event poses for the world.

The IOC seems convinced that the Games can be held safely. This group points to the major increase in vaccine distribution as a sign that things are improving.

Some parts of the world are currently experiencing their worst health crisis since the pandemic began. Many countries are also seriously lacking in vaccines. Some fear that inviting athletes from around the world into Japan could create a type of super-spreader event. Even with international fans prohibited from attending, these concerns linger.

A huge number of individuals and business owners in Japan are now pushing against this event. More people feel it should simply be canceled altogether. The IOC disagrees and claims the Games will take place as planned.

Countries are now debating whether or not they want to take part in this year’s Olympic Games. Don’t expect to see North Korea taking part in the event.

Here’s What We Know About North Korea at the Tokyo Olympics

There have been many country leaders expressing concern about the upcoming Olympic Games. No one really knows what the world will look like by the time July rolls around. There are still concerns about how this could impact infection spread.

It now seems that North Korea no longer feels it’s worth it to attend this event. Reports have confirmed today that we will not be seeing North Korea at the Tokyo Olympics. Government officials here cite concerns about infection spread as a reason for this withdrawal.

North Korea is now the first country to announce it will not be attending the Games. It is also the first Olympic event that the country has missed since 1988. Some feel it will lead to more withdrawals as the event draws closer.

This is likely disappointing news for officials in South Korea. Leaders in this country had expressed hope that they could engage in cross-border talks during the event. That will not be possible with the North’s announcement.

There are many other countries expressing concern about how these Games will affect the world. The IOC will likely implement an intense bubble to make things as safe as possible. As we’ve seen lately, however, even these bubbles don’t work 100% of the time.

Many things can still happen between now and the start of the Tokyo Olympics. Many fans are now asking how they can bet on the results of this exciting sporting event!

Here’s How to Find Odds on the 2021 Olympic Games

This year’s Summer Olympics are set to be unlike any other in history. The world still finds itself in a completely unprecedented situation. Health experts continue to warn that the months ahead could bring about new problems.

It appears as if the Tokyo Olympics will take place as planned. The IOC seems determined to finally get this event finished. Japan’s government has invested a massive amount of money into this event and is also focused on getting everything complete.

Sporting fans can now head over to Bovada to make their bets on the entire Olympic event! There are some fantastic odds being offered already. Some are offering some serious opportunities to cash out.

One wager that many are interested in is which country manages to win the most gold medals. The USA remains the betting favorite with odds of -800. China comes in second with current odds of +550. Great Britain is in third with current odds of +1600.

Another popular bet is on which country earns the most medals overall. Once again, the US comes in as the favorite with odds of -750. China is listed as the +550 underdogs. Great Britain enters this wager as the +1600 underdogs, as well.

Are you surprised that we won’t see North Korea at the Tokyo Olympics? Let us know in the comments section below!

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