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Plans to Reopen Las Vegas at 100% by June


 April 14, 2021

Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak has announced plans to reopen Las Vegas, and all other counties in the state, at 100% occupancy by June 1st! That includes an end to the mandatory social distancing as early as May 1st!

Wearing masks is a bit different. The Governor added “I wish I could give all Nevadans an exact timeline as to when we can tuck away our masks – but public health officials made it clear that in order to reach our goal of reopening on June 1, we must make sure Nevadans stay masked.”.

Additionally, the Governor also confirmed that the Nevada Gaming Control Board will continue to maintain authority over casinos and other gaming establishments. As of now, the Board still has the maximum casino occupancy rate set at 50%.

Despite this announcement, the positive rate for the state’s COVID-19 testing rose above 5% earlier this week. That rate has been rising consistently for the past eight days and is now at 5.2%. That number no longer meets the recommendation of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention of just 5%.

You can read more about the Governor’s plans to reopen Las Vegas by June at Yogo Net.


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Nevada: Gov. Sisolak sets goal to reopen to 100% capacity by June 1


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