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Freddie Roach Offers Interesting Prediction for Paul vs. Askren


The highly-anticipated boxing match between Jake Paul and Ben Askren is now just a couple of days away. It seems like the entire boxing and MMA community are curious to see how this fight plays out. This week, legendary boxing trainer Freddie Roach offered a unique prediction for Paul vs. Askren that has fans interested.

Roach is well-respected for his ability to call fights. Today, we’ll talk about how he sees this Saturday’s matchup playing out. We’ll also check out the odds for this bout.

Let’s get into it!

Media Day for the Paul vs. Askren Fight Has Wrapped Up

For one reason or another, the fight between Jake Paul and Ben Askren has turned into one of the biggest combat sporting events of this year. Paul has drawn the ire of many fight fans. Askren, meanwhile, has become somewhat of a fan favorite leading into this fight.

There has been some serious back and forth between these fighters leading into fight night. The bad blood is real and there is no telling who will end up coming out on top. People around the country are now flocking to different online sports betting sites to make their last-minute predictions on this bout.

Media day for this contest has now wrapped up. Each of the fighters competing on Saturday had the opportunity to do a live workout in front of the media. They also engaged in their final interviews before the fight takes place.

There were some interesting moments, to say the least. Jake Paul’s unusual workout has been ridiculed lately and some fans have even changed their thoughts on how this bout will end. You can check out a picture of Paul’s workout below!





— Fight Hub TV (@FightHubTV) April 14, 2021

Jake was asked a variety of questions during media day. At one point, he was questioned about the possibility of a fight with Conor McGregor coming together in the future. He claims it’s a much more realistic possibility than many understand.

“I think we [Paul and McGregor] both are on a road to each other,” Jake said. “He wants another boxing fight. He wants to fight Manny Pacquiao. He would get toasted. He just keeps on taking Ls. So I think him fighting me would not only be his money fight, but it would technically be the easiest challenge, right? Fighting Jake Paul would probably be easier than fighting Manny Pacquiao and it would be just as big. I think we’re a lot closer to a Jake Paul-Conor McGregor fight than anyone thinks. I think it could happen in the next 24 months.”

Many are curious about how Paul will fare against Ben Askren. Freddie Roach offered his opinion on this bout to the media this week!

Here’s a Look at Freddie Roach’s Prediction for Paul vs. Askren

Many in the boxing community have thrown out their opinions on the fight between Jake Paul and Ben Askren. It’s turned into a major talking point for some of the sport’s biggest names. Everyone seem torn as to how good Paul really is.

Freddie Roach is clearly no fan of the YouTube star. This week, he spoke to the media about how he sees this fight playing out. He seems impressed with Ben and believes the former MMA champion will get the job done.

“It was great working with Ben. He is a true professional and a class act. He came to Wild Card in great shape and sparred the first day and did 12 rounds of mitts with me, straight through, on the second day in addition to the usual roadwork and boxing drills. He is a quick study and has a great work ethic. He puts his punches together very well and with a lot of power,” Roach said. I know one thing, when Ben knocks Jake Paul on his ass on Saturday night, YouTube will have itself a new most-viewed video highlight.”

Freddie has trained some of the most legendary boxers of all-time. If anyone can recognize boxing ability, it’s him. Some are surprised to hear that he was surprised at Ben Askren’s punching power.

Roach’s prediction for Paul vs. Askren is becoming more and more common. Many are beginning to feel as if Ben’s experience will end up playing a major factor here. He also surprised many with his technique on display during the workout for media day.

Bets on this fight are now flowing in. Let’s take a final look at where these men stand heading into the event tomorrow.

Last-Minute Odds for Paul vs. Askren

There is still time for fans to bet on the upcoming fight between Jake Paul and Ben Askren. Most online sportsbooks are offering odds on this bout. Some of these sites are known for offering better odds than others.

We recommend heading over to BetOnline to place your wagers! This site has grown extremely popular thanks to its safe payment options and great odds. There are also some fun prop bets on the Paul vs. Askren fight!

Jake Paul is currently listed as the -175 favorite in this bout. He is 2-0 as a professional boxer and has shown some real power in his punches. Many are skeptical of how long he can last if the fight goes into deep water.

Ben Askren was one of the most successful welterweights in MMA for years. He’s never been known as a striker but appears to have improved tremendously over the past 11 weeks. Ben is coming to this fight as the +145 underdog.

Freddie Roach’s prediction certainly goes against these odds. He seems confident that Ben Askren will manage to get the win on Saturday. We’ll be sure to report on the weigh-ins between these two men tomorrow!

Are you excited to see Paul vs. Askren? How do you see this fight playing out? Let us know in the comments section below!

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