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How Much Can You Win With Slots No Deposit Bonuses?


Slots no deposit bonuses are often the most-popular bonuses in the gaming world. They give you a unique opportunity to win free money from online casinos.

Upon receiving a no deposit bonus, you may have visions of winning jackpots and other big payouts through these deals. But what’s a realistic amount of money that you can win from a no deposit offer?

The following guide discusses how no deposit bonuses are limited to some degree. It also offers tips on how you can boost no deposit winnings beyond what’s normally possible.

No Deposit Bonuses Aren’t Worth Much

If you’re experienced with no deposit deals, then you’re probably well aware that they’re not overly generous. In most cases, you’re looking at a small amount of cash or a few free spins.

With a cash bonus, you might receive between $10 and $20. As for free spins, the average deal offers between 10 and 25 spins.

Of course, you can’t totally blame mobile casinos for not showering you with free funds just for registering. After all, the casinos are the only ones risking anything with these bonuses.

Nevertheless, the small size of no deposit deals reduces your chances of winning big money. 20 free spins or $10 doesn’t typically go very far, unless you’re playing really low stakes.

Casinos Limit How Much You Can Win

The biggest limitation regarding no deposit bonuses is simply the fact that casinos cap how much you can win. Gaming sites want to ensure that you don’t collect a massive jackpot on their dime.

Of course, you can still win a slots jackpot or go on an incredible hot streak in blackjack or another game. You just won’t be able to cash out all of the money from your good fortune.

On average, mobile casinos limit how much you can withdraw through a no deposit bonus to between $100 and $200. While these amounts are nice chunks of change to start with, they’re not going to make you rich.

Some online casinos feature win limits that are either lower or higher than these amounts. For example, the stingiest gaming sites might only let you win up to $50.

Meanwhile, more-generous casinos may allow winnings worth up to $400 or more. On average, though, you won’t win any more than $100 or $200 from these deals.

Terms & Conditions Can Be Harsh

A win limit isn’t the only term behind no deposit bonuses. You’ll also have to meet other terms and conditions behind these offers.

Unfortunately, casinos usually make certain terms more stringent than those involving deposit bonuses. After all, you’re getting a chance to win free money with these deals. Here’s a look at some key terms to watch out for with a no deposit bonus.


Playthrough (a.k.a. rollover) refers to how much you have to wager before cashing out bonus money. It’s based on a multiple of the bonus amount.

Upon meeting playthrough, you keep whatever you earn through the bonus. Assuming you win $30 after satisfying rollover, for example, then you’ll get to cash out $30.

Unfortunately, playthrough is typically really high with no deposit bonuses. You often have to satisfy rollover ranging from 50x to 100x the bonus. Contrast this to a deposit deal, which usually carries rollover ranging from 30x to 50x the bonus.

Here’s a look at how much faster you’ll earn the average deposit bonus versus a no deposit offer:

Deposit Bonus

  • You qualify for a $30 deposit bonus.
  • Rollover is 40x.
  • 30 x 40 = $1,200 must be wagered

No Deposit Bonus

  • You qualify for a $30 no deposit bonus.
  • Rollover is 80x.
  • 30 x 80 = $2,400 must be wagered

Game Restrictions

No deposit bonuses can be restricted to certain games. For example, you might only be able to use the deposit funds on a specific slot.

Online casinos impose this restriction to get you to try specific games. You may have no trouble with it if you’re interested in the given slot.

In other cases, online casinos might let you play most games at the casino with a bonus. But they may restrict most table games along with the highest-paying real money slots.

For Instance:

Any slot with over 98% payback might be restricted. Casinos do this to make it harder for you to profit from no deposit bonuses.

In any case, you need to watch out for the restricted games. Playing them could nullify your bonus offer and any winnings that come with it.

Maximum Bet

Online casinos instate maximum bets to prevent you from meeting rollover in a single wager. For example, they might not allow you to bet over $100 with an active bonus. The idea here is to make you play and enjoy the games. Furthermore, this policy prevents you from quickly hopping around casinos in search of no deposit winnings.

You should definitely find out what the maximum wager is. Otherwise, you could bet too much and lose out on bonus earnings.

Minimum Cashout

Just because you win a few dollars with a no deposit offer doesn’t mean that you’ll get to withdraw the money. After all, gaming sites have minimum cashouts in place.

The minimum withdrawal varies based on the casino. Generally speaking, though, you have to cash out at least $10 or $20 at a time.

If you satisfy rollover with a no deposit bonus and make $4, for example, you’re unlikely at the finish line. Instead, you’ll need to either deposit or keep playing until running your money up to the minimum withdrawal.

Deposit Requirement

The point of a no deposit bonus is that you don’t have to deposit to get the bonus. However, some mobile casinos do require you to place a deposit before withdrawing the winnings.

Here’s how this stipulation commonly works:

  • You receive 20 no deposit free spins.
  • You use the funds to win $40.
  • Rollover is 50x.
  • 50 x 40 = $2,000 must be wagered
  • You have $15 left after satisfying rollover.
  • The casino’s minimum cashout is $10.
  • However, you still have to place a deposit before withdrawing the money.

Depositing doesn’t mean that you must keep playing afterward. Instead, it merely serves as an inconvenience if you’re only looking for the no deposit winnings.

Nevertheless, you should definitely figure out if a deposit is necessary first. After all, you might not feel like going through the whole process.

Are No Deposit Bonuses Worth Your Time?

No deposit deals aren’t highly lucrative bonuses that’ll make you rich. Instead, they’re offers that can lead to a little bit of free money.

Therefore, you may question whether it’s actually worth going for these deals. The answer all depends upon what type of gambler you are.

If you’re somebody who bets mid-to-high stakes, then you probably don’t want to waste your time with no deposit bonuses. They may simply distract from your entertainment.

On the other hand, you might be a low roller who looks for any moneymaking opportunity available. In this case, you should definitely pursue no deposit offers.

How to Maximize Your No Deposit Winnings

You may not be able to earn a fortune through a no deposit bonus. You can, however, use the following tips to boost your winnings.

Look for the Highest Win Limits

As mentioned before, some gaming sites allow you to win more money through no deposit offers. Therefore, you should concentrate on deals that feature higher win limits.

Any worthwhile no deposit deal should let you withdraw at least $100. Ideally, you’ll be able to cash out $200 or more.

The terms and conditions section should be your first stop when going for a no deposit bonus. Here, you can check and see how much money you’re able to win.

Find More Lucrative Deals

No online casino is going to shower you with money just for completing registration. Instead, they like to keep no deposit bonuses small.

But this isn’t to say that you can’t sometimes find larger offers. In some cases, a gaming site may feature a no deposit bonus worth $50 or 100 free spins.

Of course, you’ll still need to deal with win limits and T&Cs. Starting off with more money or free spins, though, gives you a better shot at winning some cash.

Don’t Settle for Unfair Terms

Unfortunately, some mobile casinos make it nearly impossible to earn anything from a no deposit bonus. They might attach 200x rollover or restrict nearly every game with decent RTP from the offer.

In either case, you’ll be dealing with unfair terms that hamper your ability to make any money. Furthermore, you’ll normally just be wasting time with these offers.

Again, the T&Cs page is the best place to start when considering no deposits deals. You want to ensure that the terms are fair before proceeding.


No deposit bonuses certainly aren’t the most-lucrative deals in the gaming world. You’re normally only looking at a maximum of $100 to $200 in winnings.

Nevertheless, no deposit deals are certainly worth going for under the right circumstances. If you can find the right mixture of a decent bonus, fair T&Cs, and a solid win limit, then you should definitely chase such bonuses.

On the other hand, you should avoid deals that don’t allow you to win much and/more have unreasonable terms. In these cases, you’ll have a tough time making any money.

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