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The Seven Best NFL Win Totals to Bet On for 2021 Season


The 2021 league season has been underway for a month now and things have definitely been exciting with Free Agency and all of the Pro Days as teams prepare for the NFL Draft on April 29th.

Another exciting offseason occurrence has been the recent release of team Win Totals for the upcoming 2021 season by NFL betting sites.

After examining the Win Totals for all 32 teams, and taking into consideration a 17-game schedule, the following is a list of the seven best Over/Under wagers to bet on for the 2021 NFL season:

Arizona Cardinals Over 8.5 Wins (-115)

The Arizona Cardinals finished 8-8 last year and were one win away from making the Playoffs. Inconsistency along the offensive line and lapses in the kicking game down the stretch cost Arizona a Wild Card spot. They went 2-5 down in the second half of the season after starting out 6-3.

In 2021, the Cardinals will face the Rams, 49ers, Seahawks, Packers, Vikings, Texans, Colts and Panthers at home.

Arizona will head out on the road to play the Bears, Cowboys, Lions, Jaguars, Rams, 49ers, Seahawks, Titans and Browns.

Arizona Cardinals fans plead for new uniforms in 2021-22 season: ‘This would do wonders’

— azcentral sports (@azcsports) April 14, 2021

They definitely have a tough schedule, but the Cardinals improved their overall roster by signing players like JJ Watt, AJ Green and Malcom Butler. They’re also projected to take one of the top corners in the draft which will further solidify their secondary.

I see the Cardinals going 3-3 in the NFC West. I expect them to beat Carolina, Dallas, Detroit, Houston, and Jacksonville. That’s eight wins right there.

Now, they just have to win one game out of matchups against the Bears, Packers, Vikings, Colts, Titans and Browns. Chicago and Minnesota are definitely winnable games as Arizona has the better QB in both contests. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Cardinals went at least 10-7 this season.

Baltimore Ravens Under 11.5 Wins (-115)

The question here is whether or not you think that the Ravens can win 12 games. Baltimore finished 11-5 last year, which included winning their last five games to clinch a Wild Card spot.

The Baltimore Ravens re-signed many of their key free agents, but also improved their offense with the additions of WR Sammy Watkins and Guard Kevin Zeitler. They’re expected to take one of the Top 6 wide receivers in the upcoming draft to further improve an anemic passing attack.

Looking at their schedule, I see Baltimore going at least 3-3 in the AFC North. Cleveland has improved greatly and the Steelers always play the Ravens tough. Plus, the Bengals will be better also.

The Ravens should also beat the Chargers, Vikings, Bears, Broncos, Lions and Raiders. That puts them at 9-3 on the season.

Their tough non-divisional matchups are against the Chiefs, Packers, Colts, Dolphins and Rams. I see Baltimore losing to the Chiefs, Packers and Colts or Rams, which means they will be 11-6 at best.

Lamar Jackson will have a bounce back season, but I still don’t see the team finishing with more than 11 wins.

Buffalo Bills Over 10.5 Wins (-125)

Like the Ravens, the Buffalo Bulls had a solid free agency by re-signing their key players. They also added WR Emmanuel Sanders to a potent offense. In the upcoming draft, the Bills could take an edge rusher, top corner or trade back and add more depth to a loaded roster.

With a Top 5 offense and a Top 10 defense, Buffalo will be one of the best teams in the NFL. QB Josh Allen finished 2nd in the NFL MVP race last year and is expected to be just as good as last season, if not better.

The Bills will go at least 4-2 in their division with a sweep of the Jets and a possible split with Dolphins and Patriots. I also expect Buffalo to beat Houston, Atlanta, Carolina, Jacksonville, the Saints, and Washington. That brings us to a total of 10 wins.

The Bills retained nearly their entire core. Josh Allen made a huge leap last year, but he will get better. And culture matters.

Why Buffalo remains the top threat to Kansas City in the AFC ⬇️

— Field Yates (@FieldYates) April 17, 2021

Buffalo’s toughest games of the year are against the Colts, Chiefs, Steelers, Buccaneers and Titans.

To get us Over 10.5 wins, the Bills need to win just one of those tough matchups. Of those five teams, the Steelers will be the easiest as they’re expected to take a step back. Pittsburgh has an O/U of 8.5 wins for 2021.

Buffalo will also be super motivated to get revenge against the Chiefs and Titans for beating them last year. And, we all know about their rivalry against Tom Brady.

I see Buffalo going 12-5 this year which is just below their 13-3 record from last season.

Dallas Cowboys Under 9.5 Wins (-115)

The Dallas Cowboys had a very ho-hum Free Agency as they didn’t really add any impact players to their roster. The team’s hopes are squarely on the return of QB Dak Prescott and his ability to elevate this team from a 6-10 record into a Playoff contender.

Unfortunately, they still need to make several upgrades on the defense in order to truly be a Playoff team. Their upcoming 2021 schedule doesn’t appear to be a cakewalk either.

I see Dallas going 3-3 in the NFC East division at best. From there, I believe they can beat the Falcons, Panthers, and Raiders. That improves their total to six wins.

Games I don’t see Dallas winning include the Cardinals, Chiefs, Vikings, Bucs and Patriots. That puts them at 6-8 on the year. There are three other games that could go either way: Chargers, Saints and Broncos.

I don’t see the Cowboys winning 10 games in 2021 even with a 17th game on the schedule. Their defense will be a liability this season even if they draft the best corner in the 2021 NFL Draft.

Indianapolis Colts Over 9.5 Wins (-115)

The Indianapolis Colts certainly don’t have an easy schedule, but to think they won’t get at least 10 wins is just crazy. This could be the 3rd best team in the AFC this season. Indy went 11-5 last year and should be at least as good, if not better.

The team re-signed all of their key free agents and they upgraded their QB position by trading for Carson Wentz from the Eagles.

Wentz reunites with head coach Frank Reich who helped Carson have the two best years of his young career when Reich was the offensive coordinator for the Eagles before becoming the coach of Indy.

The team is also expected to draft one of the best pass rushers coming out of college with their first overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft.

I see Indy going at least 4-2 in their division and wouldn’t be surprised if they went 5-1. Jacksonville and Houston are going to be terrible.

The Colts should also beat the Cardinals, Jets, Raiders and Dolphins. That improves their win total to eight. So, they would have to win just two of the following games: Ravens, Bills, Patriots, Rams, Seahawks, 49ers and Buccaneers.

I can see Indy beating the Patriots and 49ers. But I wouldn’t be surprised if they beat most of those teams considering how talented the Colts’ roster is.

Indy will go at least 11-6 this season and possibly even 12-5.

New York Jets Under 6 Wins (-115)

The New York Jets is quite possibly the most dysfunctional franchise in the league right now. They finished 2-14 last year, got rid of their coaching staff, and even traded their former 1st round QB Sam Darnold for pennies on the dollar.

New York hired Robert Saleh as their new head coach and he will certainly change the culture. They also have the #2 pick in the draft and are expected to take the 2nd best QB in Zach Wilson.

The Jets spent a lot of money in Free Agency to help improve the overall level of talent on the roster, which they certainly accomplished.



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╬═╬ NFL Draft is next week




— New York Jets (@nyjets) April 19, 2021

Some of their best signings were Corey Davis, Keelan Cole, Lamarcus Joyner, and Sheldon Rankins. However, New York’s best signing was one of the top free agents in pass rusher Carl Lawson.

Despite the influx of talent and a better coaching staff, I just don’t see the Jets winning seven games in 2021.

They will go 1-5 in the AFC East division at best. They will also lose to the Broncos, Colts, Titans, Buccaneers, and Bengals. That puts them at 10 losses on the year.

Then they have games against the Falcons, Panthers, Texans, Jaguars, Saints and Eagles. New York could easily lose all of these games or win a few of them. Either way, one more loss and they’re down to six wins or less.

Until I see the Jets actually look like a winning franchise, I’m going with the Under every time.

San Francisco 49ers Under 10.5 Wins (-115)

This one is going to be close as the San Francisco 49ers could end up 10-7 or 11-6 on the season.

They added a few quality players in free agency, re-signed many of their key players, will get numerous starters back from injury, and select Mac Jones with the #3 pick in the upcoming draft.

The 49ers are going to be a good team. But I just don’t have the confidence in Jimmy Garoppolo to lead this team back to the top of the NFC and neither does the front office.

In fact, I don’t even see them winning the NFC West which has to be the toughest division in the entire league this season.

The 49ers will go 3-3 in their division. However, they should be able to add to their win total by beating the Bears, Lions, Jaguars, Eagles, Texans, Falcons and Bengals. That puts them at 10 wins on the year.

Which means that they can’t win one more game since we’re taking the Under. Their remaining games are against the Colts, Titans, Packers, and Vikings. I can see the 49ers losing all four of those games.

The biggest concern I have with the 49ers is that we’re not even sure that Jimmy G. will be the starting QB when the season starts. There’s a chance that he’s not even on the roster as San Francisco could end up trading him.

I’m going with the Under for San Francisco. Pay close attention to the NFL Draft next week as this O/U could change if the team trades Garoppolo during the draft.

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