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6 Ways Casino Gamblers Can Avoid Being Cheated Out of Profits


Most gamblers think about illegal ways that casinos can take your money whenever they hear the word “cheat.” But the truth is that casinos don’t have to cheat to win.

All the casino needs to do is offer opportunities to gamblers to play games of chance where the casino has an edge. This is basically how casinos work.

But you can do a few things to avoid being cheated by casinos, even if it’s just using the rules that the casinos have against them. Here are six ways you can avoid being cheated out of profits by casinos.

1 – Know How Casinos Work

The way casinos work is fairly simple. They use games where they have an advantage. The casinos offer gamblers these games and know that as long as they can get gamblers to risk money playing these games, the casino is going to make a long-term profit.

Real money casinos don’t offer any games where they don’t have the advantage. So, why do gamblers still play even if the casino is usually the only side that makes money?

The games offered by the casinos are designed to let gamblers win sometimes, which keeps players coming back for more. But the games aren’t designed to let you win more than you lose.

Casinos also know that they can make a great deal of money in the long run by using small advantages. When the casino can guarantee that they make a small percentage of all of the money that gamblers risk, these small profits add up to a large profit.

Sometimes, these profits are as low as 1% of the money risked on the game. But other times, the profits are as high as 10% or more of all of the money wagered on a game.

You need to learn which casino games provide the smallest advantage for the casino. And you also need to understand that if you don’t change something, the casino is going to consistently take your money.

2 – Don’t Do What the Casinos Want You to Do

Now that you know how casinos work, you can see how important it is to pay close attention to what they want you to do. If you gamble in the way the casinos want you to gamble, then you have decrease your chances of winning.

The next time you gamble in a casino, take a look at how things are set up. Look at how many slot machines there are and how many table games are available. Look at what all of the other gamblers are doing.

If you want to get better results when you gamble, the first thing you should do is stop doing what most gamblers are doing. This is important because most gamblers are doing exactly what the casinos want them to, and they’re losing money.

Most gamblers are sitting at slot machines, feeding their cash into the machines and hoping to win by some miracle. This is why slot machines are the biggest money-makers for casinos.

Instead of following their lead, find a new way to gamble. This includes finding the games with the lowest casino advantage, like blackjack and video poker, and figuring out how to play these games in a different way than most gamblers play them. Learn about how gain an edge over the casino in the same way that other advantage gamblers do to keep their bankrolls afloat.

3 – Control Every Variable You Can

Casinos want to control everything that they can. They want to control what games you play and how you play them. That’s why they put certain machines in a certain spot and create a maze out of the casino floor. In fact, the casinos want you to forget about everything else and lose as much money as possible. That’s why you’ll rarely find a clock.

But you actually have control over most variables when you gamble. You control what games you play in the casinos and how you choose to play them. You also control how much you risk when you gamble and for how long you gamble.

Here’s a look at two different players as an example. The first gambler goes to the casinos, sits down at the first slot machine they find, and continues to feed money into the machine until they run out of money. They wait to get paid at their job, then come back and do the same thing in the casino again.

The second gambler studies casino games and learns that blackjack is their best option to make profit. They learn how to use the right strategies when playing blackjack and learn the best variants to play. They use win limits, stop limits, and time limits to ensure they are never playing too long.

The second gambler is still likely to lose in the long run, but they will lose far less money than the first gambler. Plus, they control more variables in the casino.

4 – Protect Your Money

You need to protect your money from any potential threat or theft. This means using a few of the methods I mentioned in the last section to protect your bankroll.

The best method for protecting your money from the casino is education. I mentioned this before, but you have to learn about all of the gambling options that the casinos offer so you can pick the one or ones that give you the best opportunities.

Then, you have to use the right strategies when you play these games. When you use the right strategies, you decrease the casino advantage.

One of the most powerful ways to protect your money is by using limits. When you set loss limits and time limits, you make sure that any losses that you have are limited. And when you use a win limit, you lock in wins at times when you would’ve lost if you’d kept on gambling.

5 – Take Advantage of Everything You Can

You need to take advantage of things that casinos are willing to give you. Casinos know that if they can keep gamblers in the casino longer and if they can get you to gamble more, they make more money.

Because of this, many casinos have come up with more ways to entice gamblers. Online and mobile casinos entice gamblers by giving them bonus offers. Land-based casinos entice gamblers by giving them comps and free things like drinks and entertainment or entries into special events.

While all of these things are designed to make the casinos more money, this doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of them.

You should sign up for any programs that the casinos have that offer comps or special promotions or bonuses. And you should learn exactly how all of these things work so you can get the maximum value from them with the minimum amount of risk.

You should also get in the habit of asking every casino you play at what they can offer you. You might be surprised at how much you can get by simply asking. You’re not going to get something special at every casino where you play. But if you ask at enough casinos, you’re going to get some extra benefits.

6 – Use Rules Against the Casino

The rules in casinos are set in place to make money for the casinos, not the players. But you can learn how to use some of these rules in ways that can help you make money.

The most common way to do this is by learning how to be a blackjack counter. While blackjack has an edge in favor of the casinos, there’s still an opportunity to gain an advantage through card counting.

It’s not illegal to count cards and win when you play blackjack, as long as you’re only using your mind. You still don’t want the casinos to know what you’re doing because they can refuse to let you play.

Other opportunities to use the casino rules against tem exist as well. If you find the right mobile and online casino bonuses for the right games you can use them to make small profits. You can also take advantage of some special casino promotions to make a profit.

The important thing is to watch for good opportunities that fall within the casino rules, and take advantage of them as often as possible.


The most important thing you can do to make sure you don’t get cheated is to learn how casinos work. If you know how casinos make money, then you can learn how to avoid getting cheated and losing too much.

Casinos are set up in a way that automatically makes them money if gamblers do what the casino wants them to do. But you don’t have to fall for their tricks.

In fact, you can use the same rules that casinos use against them. Take advantage of the rules that are in place, and don’t forget to protect your money.

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