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Differences Between Land Based Casinos v Online Casinos


Casinos have been a part of our entertainment industry for a long time dating back to ancient China. As the games have progressed in modern times, players have enjoyed gambling in cash or casino chips. The main reasons for the popularity of casinos are not only because of the ability for people to win money, but for their entertainment reasons.

As the industry has grown more people have also moved from land casinos to playing online. There are a mix of benefits to the players whether they play online or in a casino building.

Playing in a land-based casino has been popular with many people for a long time due to the social aspect of being able to go into a live and exciting casino such as

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. Enjoying the buzz of Poker, slot machines and Blackjack tables full of excited and chattering people. Taking part in the act of traveling to a casino with friends, or by yourself whilst knowing that there will be plenty of people to connect with when you get there. Entering the building and hearing the loud pinging of the slot machines and walking past serious poker faces around the Blackjack and Poker tables.

There is the hum of excitement and expectancy of a big win as you walk in with your casino chips clinking in your hands. Watching the waiters moving swiftly around the place with drinks on black trays perfectly balanced on their palms. The fun of being there is the feeling of being able to feel, see, smell and hear. You are in the mix of the excitement, and you can really immerse yourself within the experience.

The difference of online casinos, especially those realised during the COVID-19 restrictions, is that virtual connections are just as effective as in-person connections. Therefore, there is still the social connectivity that people can have from being online although it is entirely at their control as they judge when to enter and leave.  Over the years the graphics and sounds of online has meant that the entertainment value of online casinos has been increasing.

Online games are accessible on mobile phones and tablet devices making them convenient for people to play from anywhere and at any time that is more convenient for them. The improvement of online game technology means that there are even more games to select from keeping the user interested and entertained.


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