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Casinos and Sports Betting Push Betting Recovery


 July 3, 2021

With the pandemic (hopefully) in the rear view mirror, several forms of gambling across America are starting to come back to life. In Mississippi, for instance, casinos are up over 20% from last year, bringing in over $1 billion. The rise is attributed to increased travel and tourism to the state. The Director of Marketing for the Tourism Bureau said that visitors are the lifeblood of Mississippi’s coastal region.

Meanwhile in Kentucky, gambling revenue has already surpassed last year’s fiscal totals by bringing in $1.45 billion. Residents there love scratch-off tickets, and they continue to outpace all other forms of gambling. However, it’s worth noting that online games did generate over $100 million for the state. All told, Kentucky gambling is over 35% ahead of this time last year.

And as gambling across America builds speed once again, Tennessee did see a slight dip in their sports betting revenue for the month of May. That is not totally unexpected for betting on sports, as May is not a big month for sporting events. Still, the state was able to generate about $161 million in legal wagers. Still, with the profits from May, Tennessee has profited almost $110 million in tax revenue over the past seven month.


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